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How many surgery can I do with 10 surg pack?

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  • How many surgery can I do with 10 surg pack?

    I'd like to learn something new for me which is Surgery. Therefore, I have totally no idea on how many tools/packs I need to buy for a good amount of surg.

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    It really depends on skill fails and what type of surgery you do. I don't think there's an approximate amount of surgeries you can do, just due to the fact of skill fails and all the different surgeries. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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      Usually, because sometimes a hard surg spawns.
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        I see. Thanks!


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          20-30 depending on luck.
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            Been able to do 7 surgeries with 3 packs and I probably can still do a few more if I get something easy. Probably 20-30+ surgeries if you are lucky enough to get illness that takes fewer tools to be used in the process. Depends if you are lucky enough to do that much.
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              if ur starting out then you should use tea and the train-e. train e gives easy surgs and tells you what you could do next.
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                Owh. I understand now. Thanks everyone!