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It's a good idea to invest for harvestfest?

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  • It's a good idea to invest for harvestfest?

    I was planning to use all my Wls. So how many seeds do I need to start gaining a lot of seeds from pepper
    Originally posted by Yasuo
    Originally posted by AlsoYasuo

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    It's always a good idea to invest into Harvestfest. Make sure you have enough time left for the trees to grow if you plan on making few farms.

    Also, regarding your second question - seed profit is exponential. Seed profit for pepper trees is at about 5%-10% (at least from my experience), so no matter how many trees you have, this is how much extra seeds you most likely will get. Just make sure to plant more than 100 trees in order to reduce the chance of seed loss.


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      Yes,not only you will get some gems and seeds profit,you will also get balanced mooncakes.

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