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    hi hello yes today i am writing this totally non controversial guide on how to get scammed

    step one is to not be smart, you can get scammed better if u don't have good thinking, dont read the rules because rules is boring and no one cares, so if someone tells u to give them 30 dls for seth dirt u will not think better and u will give dls and get scammed ez

    step two is to enter any world at the random world thing most world there will probably be a scam world so u can get scammed better when ur there

    step three is to spam, now if u spam the owner to get into drop game owner will pull u and tell u stuff so u can get scammed

    step four is to sb and share a scam world to your friends and family so u know that its a scam world and they will join scam so u can get scammed bigger amount of dls

    if u still can't get scammed all of your dls then u can read the sbs at the chat just go to any world and bing bomng bamg its a scam world and so u can get scamed

    i hope this guide is helpful if it is be sure to help me by smashing like, rate 5 stars, reply with something nice, and share this guide to everyone u know so they too can get scammed godbye

    this post is a joke, don't quote this post
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    I hope I can get scammed now! Thanks for this useful guide!
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      Quality thread
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        Wow thanks this very useful tysm
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        Good song


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          How to get scammed

          1. Go into any world
          2. Make friends with a random person
          3. Spend quality time with them and end up trusting them with one of your worlds/valuables
          4. Get scammed

          The number of people who’d scam when given the chance to versus those who wouldn’t is so incredibly disproportionate in this game. It disgusts me.
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