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(GUIDE) Unethical Life Pro Tips for Growtopia to get richer and make your life easier

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    Is this a guide on how to be a person nobody wants to be around of?

    Because in that case it's great.

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      Originally posted by EerieGt View Post
      Is this a guide on how to be a person nobody wants to be around of?

      Because in that case it's great.
      Yeah partly it is.

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      Originally posted by DeLixx View Post
      Lying as in a deceptive act with the intent of swindling money out people is most definitely a scam.
      Pretending to be someone you're not to profit off of someone elses investement also falls under that category.

      You're giving tips on how to make people trust you more and then in the same breath advising people to not return lend wls.
      How do you even have the audacity to tell me that "gaining trust isn’t necessarily used for scamming".

      Also here's the obvious:
      Going to "friends" and extorting money out of them with your little tricks is - however grey zoned it may seem - still not just unethical but straight up scamming.

      I'd summarize your thread as harmful and ignorant.
      Asking a friend to borrow wls is not illegal. If they don’t ask back for the wls it’s their own fault and they shouldn’t have lended them in the first place. Although I agree it’s very trashy to do.
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        lmfao good luck getting weathers in HEAVEN when there are like 10 different low life stealing weathers there on a daily basis
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          What if a human uses 100% of his brain.

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            Nice list.

            I hate when this happens:
            Originally posted by HEEL View Post
            1. You're in a trade world and someone comes in and sells an item you want for cheap. But the seller trades someone else and you want it for the same price. If that's the case, just msg the seller that you want to buy for a better price and when you trade the seller just put the original price the seller intended to sell and claim it was a typo. The seller will most likely accept beacuse since you're offering the same price as the other guy he will just accept as it is faster for him.
            If a buyer tries doing this to me when I’m selling I instantly cancel the trade because I don’t want to support anyone doing that.
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