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  • Is it possible...

    Is it possible to contact a mod or support to help me make a new GrowID bcuz my IP has too many I just wanna start a new acc thanks.

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    I read some stuff related to this in the forums previously. Many of the forumers said to use VPN and it'll fix the problem.
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      Ye but most vpns are banned due to like ppl who do illegal stuff


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        have a friend to let u borrow a phone/pc and make an acc there.
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          Firstly, no moderator or support will just “help” you make one. Creating a GrowID involves your personal password and nobody else should know about it. Having your password shared with other people will only potentially lead to account compromising and lost of items.

          One way you could create a new GrowID is by using a separate device, if you’re using a friends or anybody else’s device, make sure to delete the account information on their phone, and again - Nobody else should have your account details.

          Lastly, stay safe out there and I hope you’re not making a new account because of any ban evasions/illegal activities.
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            I mean, I want to make a growid out of a growid-less acc i already have cos it has like 3dls in there so...