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Can I get a detailed guide to trade profiting?

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  • Can I get a detailed guide to trade profiting?

    Can I get a detailed guide to trade profiting? With items that may be good, (Range 1-20 dls).
    I have tried to do it, but I can't seem to succeed in anything, that's why I'm reaching out to you guys for help.

    Please don't answer something like "buy low sell high".

    Or, you could just PM me here on the forums, I promise I won't share any secrets.

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    Lmao same...
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      while I don't have a guide, or even trade profit for that matter

      to trade profit you either need to buy cheap items
      or buy them at regular price and sell them higher
      like how else are you able to trade profit (flipping worlds, trading items)

      at least that's my idea of trade profiting (maybe I'm looking at to wrong? idk)


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        buy chep stuff, sell for expunser than u buy = profitzz



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          Originally posted by Jedaki View Post
          buy chep stuff, sell for expunser than u buy = profitzz
          yez this veri pro hlep me 2 maek mani worl lokx

          thnxk siR


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            Originally posted by MystZ View Post
            yez this veri pro hlep me 2 maek mani worl lokx

            thnxk siR
            nu prublmen bru



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              This is a serious thread, please do not post anything unnecessary, thank you.


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                Originally posted by HugeLock View Post
                This is a serious thread, please do not post anything unnecessary, thank you.
                theres that SamWOW trading guide which seems informative. serach it up!


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                  I would call myself a decent trade profiteer since I make 10wls a day with a 1dl budget and I could make like 1dl a day with a 10dl one. with just being online like for 10 minutes a day

                  So what I recommend is to practice and find which items are good to sell. Don't go for unstable items because it's too much of a risk.

                  Don't invest all of ur dls in 1 item because if that item drops gf ur dls, instead invest like 20wls into an item and sell it for like 25 or something

                  Find a buy+ with an open board for example Buy+Sleigh , (this is just an example) but u can get sleighs for like 300 and resell for 320 by putting in a vend and advertising on the bulletin board, desperate people will buy it and trust me this works. I've done it before with a ton of items

                  If u wanna invest in buy+ worlds then be patient. Usually people who don't know what they are doing buy a world and if they aren't able to sell it they panic and sell for cheap and sometimes even less then they bought for. Just be patient and ur world will sell eventually. U can make some good dls from this if u find a good world at the right time

                  As far as trade profit this is all I can tell u, I'm saving some secrets for myself so yea.. Just know there are other methods of getting rich not just trade profit

                  trade profit just requires patience and a bit of luck also negotiation skills.


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                    Firstly, you should learn the prices of items and how they work, for example some items are hard to sell and others are not. When you know what item you want to buy, find some sellers and check for how much they are is selling, buy from the one who sells cheapest and try to lower the price as much as possible.
                    After you bought the item, you can wait till it rises, sell for normal price, or buy for a item which is worth 20dls more, you try to buy it for like 1940 and the item, if the item is hard to sell you can try to offer 18 dls and the item or even less.
                    The other way is buying limited items, for example there is 500 Phoenix pacifiers and they were 6dl each, some people started buying them and got like 20 each or even more. When people saw that there's not so much Phoenix pacifiers left they started selling it for more and it rised to 12 14 dl just in some weeks. You should also know that this might be risky and won't always work
                    Hope this helps, best wishes to you!
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                      i do trade profit and earn about 40wls a day what i would say is you gotta be stubborn no matter what people say like for example today i was selling harvester 165wls and everyone was selling 155-164wls (not good example but point remains) everyone would say scammer this that but in the end it only took me half an hour and sold and when buying cheap set a price you wanna sell at the you see people buying would give specifics but dont wanna give away my trade secrets
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                        Hard to make a detailed guide on a subject like this for these reasons.
                        - The market is hard to predict and it all depends on supply and demand.
                        - Most common items will stay the same and make minimum profit (Items around 1-20dls)
                        - The only way I'd say you'd make profit with trade profiting if you find great world trade deals or actually find someone selling something for a fairly cheap price.
                        - My suggestion for trade profiting with 1-20dls is to scout for worlds, these can be buy+ sell+ names or just get rare sounding worlds. examples for rare names would be "WARPED" Bought it for 80 iirc I sold it for 120. May not be the best profit but it's all about the supply and demand.
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                          sorry you didn't like that joke post,

                          "technically I trade profit" although I don't call it that

                          So I like to pet battle right,
                          I buy cheap decks (pets), even at normal price.

                          I use them until people ask me "pet for" and keep racking up offers
                          also I buy cheap worlds with pets (extremely lucky)
                          some guy got unbanned, and needed wls for some project so he sold me a world with a bunch of pets for 401 wls

                          ended up selling each pet individually and ended up with a profit of 3-4 dls, (took me ~a month to sell all though)

                          probably doesn't work with other items though lol
                          just thought I'd share