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  • Question about SSU

    Hey, so I've seen SBs about the SSU services, and I'm wondering why they need thingamagics.

    Just curious
    I have no idea what I am doing

    IGN: Andoiii

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    If I'm not mistaken, those services are meant for people who think they are lucky and want to try to get the Dreamcatcher Staff using SSUs but are not too good in managing SSUs to not explode, as they are hard to master for some people.

    But based on my experience, I find it fairly easy to get an SSU to a high percentage if you are patient and drop the gijs two by two.
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      But, what do the JIGS do ?????
      I have no idea what I am doing

      IGN: Andoiii


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        I think you mean GIJs (Ghost-In-A-Jar). They are made by using a Ghost Jar to capture Ghost, seen here:

        Credits: ElectroGuy Gt

        People use them to fill up SSU (Spirit Storage Unit) because if the SSU gets to a high % of capacity, it has a greater chance of dropping rare prizes such as the Dreamcatcher Staff.

        Credits: Growtopia Wiki

        Hope this helps!
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