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  • Lag inducing blocks

    Hi, I want to make the most "normal" and clean world with the most lag possible. I kind of need some help to know what makes people lag though.
    Overall, I want to have them always lag, so nothing like a pinball to the left and right of them to make their screen blurry. I want it to be an absolutely unescapable lag.

    It should be "clean" meaning no dropped items. I also don't want to use music because the music setting can be turned off anyway.
    I concluded I had to go with blocks with animations so I used a few, still, I would like any ideas if you got them.

    Blocks I already used or refuse to use:
    Shifty Block
    That glowing(red and yellow) Block, not sure if its called Shony or Glowing
    Death trap walls
    Maggot wall paper(in weather machine)

    My world is 7H, feel free to visit, although its kinda closed rn.
    They are two types of people in the world. Me and not me.

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    kaleidoscopic wallpaper, a full world of them not only do they induce lag, they induce severe eye ligma and cancer, making it a win win.