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[GUIDE] List of Geiger Counter Reward Drop Rate(%)

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  • [GUIDE] List of Geiger Counter Reward Drop Rate(%)

    [LAST UPDATED ON JULY 15th, 2020]

    Hai, I'm here to share my research data and hopefully can be use as references for anyone who read this thread

    Please note that everything listed here may or may not be accurate due to many internal and external factor. Further research is needed.
    These data doesn't include the use of Luminous Eye and Geiger Day drops such as Hazmat Set, etc.

    I will be using ((x=total-item/y=total-geiger-usage)100%) to get the number of % for each item.
    Item that comes in multiple quantity will be divided before going through the calculation process.

    OVERALL DATA FROM APRIL 15th, 2020 to JULY 15th, 2020
    Amount of Geiger used: 2912

    List of Drops:
    a. Colored Stuffs(52.30% of data)
    Black: 615 = 7.04%
    Blue: 648 = 7.42%
    Green: 624 = 7.14%
    Orange: 591 = 6.77%
    Purple: 660 = 7.55%
    Red: 663 = 7.59%
    White: 768 = 8.79%
    == Average % of finding colored stuff: 7.47%

    b. Crystals(10.92% of data)
    Green: 104 = 3.57%
    Blue: 91 = 3.13%
    Red: 81 = 2.78%
    White: 36 = 1.27%
    Black: 5 = 0.17%
    == Average % of finding a crystal: 2.18%

    c. Miscellaneous(36.61% of data)
    Radioactive Chemical: 631 == 21.67%
    Nuclear Fuel: 208 == 7.14%
    Star Fuel: 1135 == 7.80%

    d. Rares(0.17% of data)
    Geiger Charger: 4 == 0.14%
    Glowstick: 1 == 0.03%
    D Battery: 0 == Unknown

    DATA FROM APRIL 15th, 2020 to JUNE 15th, 2020

    DATA FROM JUNE 15th, 2020 to JULY 15th, 2020

    - We have around 52.30% chance of getting 3 of any colored stuff everytime we use a Geiger Counter
    - We have around 10.92% chance of getting a crystal everytime we use a Geiger Counter
    - We have around 21.67% chance of getting a Radioactive Chemical everytime we use a Geiger Counter
    - We have around 7.14% chance of getting a Nuclear Fuel everytime we use a Geiger Counter
    - We have around 7.80% chance of getting 5 Star Fuel everytime we use a Geiger Counter
    - The rest of the reward have a very slim chance of getting(<1%)

    These number will be updated next month, August 15th, 2020. Stay tune!
    Fun Fact: I found a D Battery but the server had gone into a rollback... so it's gone now :c
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    Are you using alt account for that?
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      Wow, thanks for the geiger reward data it must've taken you a long time to make it.


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        Originally posted by Warfreak10 View Post
        Are you using alt account for that?
        The answer is yes, and no. All data are collected by me using multiple Geiger Charger and some group of people who participated on this project. There is just no way for me alone to use over 1500 Geiger in a month.
        The way we work is similar to retail store work shift. I'm doing the daytime part and others do the rest until i get back to the game.
        Our group consists of 3 peoples :d


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          data : similar chances of getting fuels and crystals
          me : cries in constant star fuel and 0 crystals

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            Bump. Cause everyone needs to see this. Thanks for your hardwork dude!!

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              Ah yes a Growtopian with commitment and dedication.
              after all this time someone revealed geiger rigged RNG based that i curious why its give me R chem 5 in a row while my friend got white crystal and charger in 2 shot
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                Thank you!! We will be resuming the project until we reach 10.000 Geiger Usage for even more accurate data.


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                  bump bump for everyone to see~
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                    Thanks for the data!

                    I did a weighted average on the data set. Assuming stuff is 180/1, green Crystal 2/1, blue and red 1/1, white 1/30, black 1/20, glowstick 1/3, charger 1/90, rchems 8/1, nuclear fuel 22/1 and star fuel 150/1 (which may be a bit off)

                    Each Geiger use averages to 0.6078 wls, with over half of the profit from white crystals

                    Just thought it might be useful
                    I have no idea what I am doing

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                      owemji me haz glowsticc and had d bateri rarer then geger charger!!!!11! me rich!!!11

                      wait no
                      I have no idea what I'm doing.

                      hi do u like maths

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                        Thanks for the data , waiting for the update next month. Also, is there any way I can participate in this project?

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                          In The Last Month I Have Got 100 Radio Chems And 1 White!
                          100 Wls: 100/100
                          5 DLS: 5/5
                          Compleated On 7/13/20
                          10 Dls: 8/10
                          Get My 130 Wls Back From My Science Station Farm That I Bought On 6/12/20: 61/130
                          Level 50: 53/50
                          Compleated On 6/18/2020
                          100% Awesomeness: 100/100
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                            Originally posted by MiMelody View Post
                            There is just no way for me alone to use over 1500 Geiger in a month.
                            I can do that. I recently created a bunch of alt accounts through my relatives' phones to use for my 23 Geiger Chargers

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                              Not accurate since black crystals are definitely more common than white crystals.The problem with this is you aren't getting the real chances.I could just get 1500 white crystals and you could say white crystals have a 100% chance to get from Geiger.So quite simply this doesnt work.