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How to post buy offers in growstock properly?

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  • How to post buy offers in growstock properly?

    How to properly post buy and sell offers at growstock and how do they actually verify?

    I did a few and none are accepted.

    Unlike sell offers, we don't have a reverse vending machine.

    So I put mailbox in my world and offer to buy.

    It's not approved. I don't even get a message why.

    So I look around sample of buy offers



    Buying at:


    Provided Price:

    6/1 WL(s)

    Advertised on:

    2020-07-01 13:01:53

    I went to his world. No mailbox. Nothing. Yet he is approved. How? Say I want to buy from him, what the hell I should do?

    I also list my red block sell in jimvend1. There's a red block vending machine there and yet my listing is rejected. Is there a way to see what our listings are in growstocks and why they are rejected?
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    They are approved by guardians. Most of the offers should be approved, except troll ones. Example: Selling yourmom for 42069wls in growstockssucks6969