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EXACTLY How many items are there in Growtopia?

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  • EXACTLY How many items are there in Growtopia?

    DISCLAIMER: This is a serious discussion. Jokers please stay away.

    Refer the question stated in the title. What I need is this:
    The EXACT number of obtainable items (Foreground, Background, Clothing, Consumable, Components, etc.).
    I know Fandom gives all items, but they do not have the exact number for that.

    Edit: Some people told me that the questions are very vague. I will clarify them below.

    To Recreate:
    The number of obtainable items are the items that ordinary people can get and they are long-lasting. This excludes Moderator-Exclusive items, magplant 5000 remote, world keys, any technical items (such as blocks in CARNIVAL) and bedrocks. Legendary Items are not counted since there is literally no point of holding more than 2 of them.

    Gems are temporarily not included in the list because the maximum amount of gems you can hold is technically not know. (If you know the number, just tell me right away).

    Components mean items used to create another item. They are indicated with a grey border (e.g. Transmog crystal). However, Mooncakes (except balance mooncakes and ancester mooncakes) are not components (though they can be used as recipe) but rather a consumable since you can use them on yourself.

    To li0n:
    Yes, items are added every month, but we can count the items CURRENTLY here. If the number if items increased, you can just add the number into the previous one. You know, when new problems occur, we must think of new methods to solve it.
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    Do you know how I got these scars

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      Does gems counts?
      Does titles count?
      Should dropped bedrock in a world be considered a obtainable items?
      Should world keys and magplants remotes count?
      Should unique clothes used by mods count, since they are actual items obtained for being a moderator.

      What do u meant by obtainable?
      What do u meant by components etc.?

      Should probably define these first. Technically everything you see is made of codes it's hard to tell which is and which is not a item, without laying the foundation
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        Can't be sure. Every month new items are being added.
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          Growtopia has no gems count limit. That mean it cap at 2,147,483,647 Gems.
          Funfact, Gem is also the name for a block. Stone background with a gem on it if you never seen one :d


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            4587 items
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              Originally posted by 0to100wlssd View Post
              DISCLAIMER: This is a serious discussion. Jokers please stay away.
              I can't help but wheeze at this statement while looking at your profile pic.

              I would add useful input but I got none, hehe. I swear this is not to increase post count, its just kinda a hard question to answer(well, yes, I know I shouldn't comment if I don't know the answer but ehhhh)
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