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  • This method profitable?

    Ok, so lets say I buy a full dirt lgrid farm for 95-100 or i buy 2600 seeds for 104 wls, and i plant and harvest all. I get around 20k gems, and like 100 seeds extra which is like 4 wls. If i sell the blocks (around 8k) i will get 66 wls if i sell 120/1. what price shuld i sell blocks? even if i sell 105/1 i get 76 wls+12 wls from gems+4 wls from seed profit. Thats 92 wls, I lose wls. Many ppl said this (lazy farming) is profitable. I dont understand how?
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    No. unless you break the blocks and replant, harvest, repeat

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      Originally posted by Kyodo View Post
      (around 8k)
      I'm pretty sure it's actually supposed to be around 10k blocks.
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        I tried to perform this menthod, it barely give any profit in return. I'm talking like 2 or 3 wls. Considering the efford being put when harvesting and re-selling the block... Meh not so much.
        Turns out Geigering is more profitable with roughly the same amount of efford

        Well, unless you want to benefit from exp you got out of harvesting trees..


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          You get 9750 blocks in return. It’s 3.75 blocks per tree on average (for lgrid and most other farmables)

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          Also 108 wls for 2600 seeds is VERY EXPENSIVE. You could easily buy them for 28/wl. That would make the seeds cost 92 wls. You could sell lgrid 105, but if you want I’ll buy them off you for 100/wl (DROPPED only). That will profit you 97.5 wls from blocks, 20k gems. I’m not 100% sure but I think you should be getting a little more seeds as well. I think you should try this out and see how many seeds you get.
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            Originally posted by FrozenRiver View Post
            I'm pretty sure it's actually supposed to be around 10k blocks.
            Its around 10k blocks.
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              10k with dcs
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