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How long does it take to hit guild lv 6?

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  • How long does it take to hit guild lv 6?

    How long did it take your guild to hit lv 6? I have no idea since just hit lv 3

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    Greetings! I cannot understand very well what you are trying to ask. In terms of experience? You need to have 7,290,000 total guild experience to be able to upgrade the guild to level 6 and it is gonna cost you 250,000 gems. If you are asking in terms of time I doubt that anyone can give ya an exact answer. This is all heavily dependent on certain factors, for example on the number of members you have, how often do you or your members farm or earn experience points in any other way and therefore contribute to the total experience amount in the guild lock, what kind of farmables do you farm and the list goes on. If you could specify your question a little bit more, I am more than happy to try and provide you with an answer if I will be able to. Or maybe a leader of a guild with a guild level higher than 6 will answer below me since I have a guild of level 2 myself. My rough guess is that the time amount shoulda drop over time as the amount of members increases exponentially as you upgrade the guild more and more (If you decide to recruit more members of course, and assuming you have members who are willing to work hard for your guild.) but all I can give you is a rough estimate, not a DEFINITE answer which is what I am assuming you are looking for based on your question. My guess is that it should take some months at least, (Assuming you are starting at your current level which is 3.) you really need to take into consideration many things and do a proper calculation on this one.