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    Hello! Have you thinken about a set that is USEFUL, in anything? Well, youre in the right forum post!

    ​​​​​​Press the spoiler..

    Ty... Sorry if im bad at this... Bwcose neww forum look is kinda weird... Ok guys
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    true but if you can spare the wls get burning eyes instead since the cybernetic eye is basically cyclops which weakens your punch.

    edit: a good replacement would be zinc. I wore your set+shredded t-shirt+fishnet stockings before, with zinc.
    zinc is basically face asbestos.
    I may not answer you if I'm prepping for harvest while having online classes, so... Sorry!

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      Diamond Horn (Long Build)
      Galactic Destructor (Long Break + Pickaxe effect)
      Golem's Gift (Speedy + Pickaxe Effect)
      Will Of the wild (Water Speedy/Fire Resistant/Climb Effect)
      Cloack Of Hoveration (Double Jump+Parasol)
      Vending Machine exist to reduce farmers. Use it!
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        I'd like to share my set too!

        But here's what it really is...

        I like this set because most of them are transmutable. I don't really do active farming or grinding in-game, I mainly just chill. That's why I have a Perma coffee set (3 stacked speedy items)

        Ancestral: Ancestral Totem of Wisdom: Level 5 (9% chance double exp from all action **kinda not useful for me since I'm alr maxed but I wanna keep the moon)
        Back: Nightking's Cape - Black (Double Jump)
        Hat: Chip and Dip (Speedy) [Transmuted to Star Captain's Hat] **if needed: Diamond Horns (Long Build)
        Face: Focused Eyes [I substitute it with Cat Eyes (Long Punch) from time to time to have longer punch w/o affecting damage]
        Neck: Amulet of Force (Pickaxe) [transmuted to Spirit Guide for the floating effect and I still also have the star punch animation from the Amulet]
        Shirt: Chaos Corruption (Speedy) [transmuted to Doompunk Waistcoat]
        Pants: Super Squirt Gun Jetpack Pants (High Jump + Slowfall) [transmuted to Doompunk Leggings]
        Shoe: Diamond Rocket Shoes (Speedy) Golem's Gift (Speedy + Punch Power)
        Hand: **I cycle these depending on purpose | Tyr Spear (Long Punch) Geiger Counter (Geiger?) + More i.e Sushi Knife, Rock Hammer, Rock Chisel, Pristine items for clash

        //My geiger not with me as of the moment

        I hope you liked it and I hope I helped
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