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[GUIDE] How much profit does SSP give?

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  • [GUIDE] How much profit does SSP give?

    For making this math simpler, let's say we buy 10K packs. (200/11 or 18,18/wl). This is roughly 550WLs.
    This would give you roughly 340 of each seed.

    I will estimate the prices of each seed and those estimations are based on what I've seen.

    'Junk' seeds (200/wl)

    Wooden Background, Flowery Wallpaper, Red Wood Wall, Brick Background, Yerfdog Painting, Stripey Wallpaper, Wooden Window, Checker Wallpaper, Viney Wallpaper, Window Curtains, Gargoyle, Cliffside, Stalactite, Stalagmite, Martian Tree, Lava Rock, Mud Glob, Tomato, Dwarven Column, Romantic Bushes, Evil Bricks, Amber Glass, Rune Carved Stone Pillar, Door, Sign, Sax Note, Flat Sax, Rock Platform, Cave Platform, Stone Wall, Viney Block, Cave Column, Dresser, Cuzco Wall Mount, School Desk, Daisy, Picket Fence, Torch, Grass, Staircase, Sideways Arrow, Down Arrow, Super Crate Box, Barn Block, Terracotta Pot, Mini Blocks, Texas Limestone, Red Bricks, Pencil, Polka Dot Block, Happy Joy Plaque. Red Glass Block, Gem Sign, For Sale Sign, Arrow Placard, Twisted Spikes, Street Sign, Sidewalk, Exclamation Sign, Saloon Doors, Barn Door, Pointy Sign, Dark Brown Block (Total of 63 seeds)
    Total of 107WLs from 'Junk' seeds

    The almost 'Junk' seeds (150/wl)

    Tiger Block, Orange, Flat Flute, Flat Spanish Guitar, Flat Lyre, Flat Violin, Command - Move, Salt Block, Ancient Block, Dark Grey Block, Dark Red Block, Crappy Sign (Total of 12 seeds)
    Total of 27WLs from almost 'Junk' seeds

    The still pretty bad but ok seeds (100/wl)

    Swiss Cheese Block, Blue Star Wallpaper, Dark Orange Block, Dark Aqua Block, Dark Green Block, Glass Pane, Wood Block, Bricks, Rock Background, Rose, Wooden Table, Poppy, Black Block, Yellow Block, Grimstone, Blank, Water Bucket, Devil Horns, Grey Block, Window (Total of 20 seeds)
    Total of 67WLs from still pretty bad but ok seeds.

    Kinda guud seeds (50-90/wl, varies)

    Secret Passage, Dark Yellow Block, Drums, Mushroom, Green Block, Danger Sign, Brown Block 75/wl (31WLs)
    Aqua Block, Red Block, Dink Duck Painting 65/wl (21WLs)
    Screen Door, Ice Crust Block, Wooden Chair, Rustic Fence, Wheat, Wooden Platform, Orange Block, Flat Piano 60/wl (45WLs)
    Western Banner, Air Duct, White Block, Dungeon Door, Barrel, House Entrance 50/wl (40WLs)
    (Total of 23 seeds)
    Total of
    137WLs from kinda guud seeds

    gud seeds (20-45/wl, varies)

    Bush, Glass Block 45/wl (15WLs)
    Air Vent, Apple, Lattice Background, Piano Note, Toilet 40/wl (42WLs)
    Seaweed, Tangram, Bubble Wrap 35/wl (29WLs)
    Western Building, Death Spikes 30/wl (22WLs)
    Bed, Blueberry, Tenement Building 25/wl (41WLs)
    Das Red Balloon, Sandstone, Blue Block, Biohazard Sign 20/wl (68WLs)
    (Total of 19 seeds)wawawd
    Total of 217WLs from gud seeds

    the real stuff (1-19/wl, varies)

    Foliage 18/wl (19WLs)
    Outie Block, Cactus, Portcullis. Olde Timey Radio, Bathtub 15/wl (113WLs)
    Purple Block 14/wl (26WLs)
    Plumbing 11/wl (30WLs)
    Ancient Stone Gate 8/wl (42WLs)
    (Total of 9 seeds)
    Total of 230WLs from the real stuff

    Total WLs from all seeds: 651WLs
    Profit: 101WLs (assuming you sell all the seeds)

    This may contain a few errors, pls reply to me with the error so I can fix it
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    Dark Yellow Seeds hovers from 30-40/1 from observation with most ssp selling it for 30/1 also where is the normal windows?
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      I knew I missed something
      will add windows later

      All ssp worlds I went to were expensive-ish so I assumed the seeds were cheaper in reality and I also checked Growstocks and it says 70/wl

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        All vends sell purp 12/wl, put purp 13/wl there. 304รท13=23.a bunch of decimals owo

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          In Summary SSP Suck, SSP bad, Dont SSP. 98wls for lets say 1-2weeks of selling all the stocks is really bad indeed. You can only sell SSP if you have a famous world or u have a ton of buy+ related to ssp
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            SSP profiting got nerfed, it's too trash
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              SSP is bad and not worth your time tbh. Also in MOST instances your "junk" and "almost junk" seeds will not sell out unless there is, say daily quests with the particular item. I know this firsthand with several honored + well known shop link worlds backing my shop (with no sbs when i stock; takes about 3 days for items to sell out / get initial wls back+some profits). All in all? SSP takes too much time with not much profits but if you like shop keeping, maybe try it out.
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                bumpin it up
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                  no why did you bump now i have to update it

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                how long is the unboxing?
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                  Roughly 2,5 packs per second which is 1 hour, 6 minutes and 66 seconds if you're opening 10K packs.