So I'll be wasting my time on farming, I think 4-5 hours a day.
I'll just need some advice or help.

So...I will not be farming any farmables that gives gem profit since I want to maximize my profit.
I did a test with wheat, I bought 60 seeds and when I planted them I got 210 blocks in return.
I farmed it for less than 4 hours and got a total of 5k blocks. I will be grinding them up to make flour.
5k blocks gives me 100 flour, on a normal day, I might sell them for a cheap price of 10/wl.
That means I will be getting 10 wls/4-5 hours max and 20 wls/4-5 hours max during a cooking event (like rn).

I just need advice about going this route since I think I've finally drained my luck with Geiger counters. Got a total of ~15 white crystals, 8 black crystals, and two chargers in the span of two months. That's like 600 wls of white crystals+130 wls of chargers+264 wls of black crystals, which sums up to 994 (I sold em just today).

Based on the data I got for two months I got 994 wls with Geiger. If I calculate that...

>If I do 4 hours a day of farming I get ~5k blocks which is 10 wls of flour on a normal day.
>Lets say I do 5 days a week, thats 50 wls a week.
>thats 200 wls a month and 400 in two months.
>if there is an event its 800 wls if I prep and if sold during an event. Also if I do 8 hrs I get 10k which means I get 800 within two months on a normal day and 1600 if preped during an event.

So should I switch from Geiger to this way?