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Why Amphora is in high demand?

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  • Why Amphora is in high demand?

    title says it all
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    Amphora is used for making ghost jar
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      Because amphora, alongside Aqua Cave Crystal, is used to make ghost jars, and ghost jars are in high demand because:

      1-Regular ghost hunting for beginners to make some profit
      2-Rich People needing tons of them to level up to lvl 125 quickly


      • Vale0203
        Vale0203 commented
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        mind explaining how they help lvl up to 125?

      • Jerryfan
        Jerryfan commented
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        I think there is a food item that makes catching ghosts give XP, you can place a ghost jar, spawn a ghost and it will be captured instantly, you can do that again and again to get lots of xp quickly. It's kind of expensive though

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      Vale0203 idk much about it, but as Jerryfan said, there's a technique where you can spam spawn ghosts and catch them at the same time, all while your using xp buffs like gdc, biotronic brain enhancer and others, and although it would cost a ton of dls, it can get you to lvl 125 in a coule of hours


      • Phyzz
        Phyzz commented
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        my bad i meant to comment this smh

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      Because ghost jars. The rich need it to resell the jars or run ssu worlds. The guys with less wealth need it to hunt ghosts and get some easy wls (like me)
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