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Should you buy packs/items during Black Friday?

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  • Should you buy packs/items during Black Friday?

    Short answer: No.

    I tried running an experiment using 1000 Cashback Coupons to see how many gems I'd get.

    I got a total of 121,980 gems. This means that the average amount of gems per Cashback Coupon is 121.98
    By my research, it is impossible to get less than 50 gems. This is most likely why the average gem output is more than a hundred. I was watching the numbers when I was using them and most of them were under 100.

    It is quite missleading to say up to 80% back when the odds are rigged to give under 100 gems most of the time. The highest amount of gems I was able to get was 745 and I only got more than 700 gems ~4 times.

    also 0 black boxes but thats expected.

    This means by buying during Black Friday and using the Cashback Coupons, you are looking at a discount of roughly 12.198%. During Player Appreciation Week, the discount is 20%.

    If you can wait for P.A.W, you should.