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How much gems can fit in a single tile? How about blocks?

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  • How much gems can fit in a single tile? How about blocks?

    I'd assume it is the max 32 bit value, 2147483647, can be dropped but idk. It seems very sketchy too whether gt could handle that much dropped blocks. Regardless, I assume that is the max gem count thqt could go into a tile. Would appreciate it if anyone knew max droppable blocks and gems though. If you don't, I assume many other people won't, so please bump this for me instead of not reply if you wanna know too.

    And no, the max dropped items is not 20 stacks.
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    Max dropped block is 20x200. Just try it out. Trying to drop anymore blocks of any kind will display some message to the effect of "This place cant hold anymore blocks"

    And btw, i mean in a tile
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    • TensaZangetsu
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      Reached 100+ stacks through fishing, at least the fishes. Though trying to drop items to the said stack isn't possible. You can drop fishes, further increasing the stack count. Tried it and added 20 more fishes to the stack. I think it can also reach the max 32 bit value, but that would definitely kill your device xD

    • Fallen1
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      Tbh, i never thought about fishes...

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    Blocks can only be stacked to 20 stacks because you can't get more by breaking. If there is something dropped on a tile and you put and break a block, it can only drop gems.

    If you use fishing or smthing like GBC then I guess but then it's just the 32 bit value again



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      We should run a fish-a-ton with 75 players to break some records! Or maybe break the servers before that idk
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      • Malware
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        that would be lovely but everyone will hear the same splash sound,would be impossible to differenciate who's splash is who's.

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        Malware just have everyone mute the game and seperate them, preferable in very small boxes lmao

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      2nd page? I dont think so.
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        No idea, but even before reaching max count, the game would crash for everyone


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          I'm not sure about the 32-bit limit. Does the game treat the tile as having X gems total, or does it count A purple gems, B green gems, C red gems, etc.? Then it would be way higher than 32 bit limit. Either way, trying to pick up that many gems would result in having negative amounts of gems.