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How much blocks does a full farm

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  • How much blocks does a full farm

    Of farmables give? Like 2.6k seeds
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    my full lgrid gives around 9.9k per farm


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    depends on which farmable
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      O ye i meant the ones in the current farming meta like lgrid like the guy above

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    About 8-10k blocks (well, i think the rate is depends on what you wear)
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      Eaggy is you

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      Nooooo who expos me

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      I did,right now hwhahahahaha

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    Mine about 9 to 11k blocks lgrid


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      Mostly is 9k blocks. 9.4k maybe?
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        9k-10.6k blocks but it depends if you're using items that give bonus blocks
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          Non-farmables 6-7k (no equipement) 7-10k (w/ equipement)
          farmables 10k (no equipment) 10k-11k (w/ dc &sorrow)
          super farmables 12k no equipement 12k-15 (w/ dc and sorrow)
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            what is a ''super farmable''

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            Komando Dirt is the super of superb farmables, it drops up to 16 Blocks per tree

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          Average farmable Block a tree will drop is 4, considering, yes 2600 seeds
          2600 × 4 is 10 400 Blocks
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            for non-farmable common ones, they drop like 2.5/tree on avrg, while for farmable ones, they drop at least 3.5/tree