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How to invest with massing?

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  • How to invest with massing?

    I currently have 25 wls and 40k gem
    im new with massing(i mean i never start one) i usually farm lgrid. Any item to mass? pls indicate what should i buy

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    With 25 wls (you don't need to spend 25 wls, I'd start with 10 or 15 at most), you can mass portcullis. Portcullis is pretty easy to do and shouldn't take too long as well. To make massing easier, start off on the farmable seeds (ex. death spikes, windows, dirt, cave background) for portcullis.


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      thank you for your suggestion i wanna try that but whats the hardest to mass yet with highest demmand in the game?


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        The hardest mass that is high in demand is hard to say, but I'd say science stations, display blocks, and mannequins are some of the hardest items to mass. But if you're planning on doing one of the mass I listed, I wouldn't recommend it since you're budget is way too low and it'd take way too long (and require more world locks) if you started from the bottom (Tier 1 seeds, ex. dirt, cave background, doors, windows).

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        I am currently massing display block very time consuming (breaking bathtubs) and 47 Wls is too low of a number to start massing my budget on the Display block mass is 8dls while clean profit could be 12dls....
        I took me and my brother 8 hours to finish breaking bathtubs alone (12) hits