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    Hi Guys Ive always wanted to make a vend shop but with a budget of 1-5dls what kind of shop is the best without having to spend a lot of time selling ur stuff?

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    or what things are good for lazy massing with 1-2dls?


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      personally i feel like 1~5 DLs isn't a good budget to work with if you want to open a vend shop
      with that budget you could sell crime/star/surg packs but then you'd still need to advertise a lot or leave a sellgo alt somewhere

      i haven't massed in forever but what worked for me in the past was finding things in demand and then massing them
      i always hated massing mainstream things cause it was hard to sell or the price dropped quickly
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        oki thanks ill find out some stuff to mass

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      maybe surg/gala tool
      surg pack got 17 items
      gala pack got 13 items

      you can sell one of them(17/13 vends needed), or both(30 vends)

      from my experience, sell surg tools quite profitable
      you buy pack for 7 wls, and then put in vend and promote in buysurgs
      i bought abt 10 packs and got profited around 18wls like that
      but if you buy more, you will profit more


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        ive tried surg before but it was really time consuming selling stits so im not sure about it now