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  • Help me decide.

    Hey everyone. I'm stuck between Golden Pickaxe and Digger's Spade. Please help me with that
    I am a BFG owner and active everyday, net worth is around 140DLS. Might use Digger's Spade to create more farms and getting rid of quests easier. Golden Pickaxe is my childhood dream tbh.
    Golden Pickaxe
    Digger's Spade
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    At least give us some info lol

    like what's your net worth, main source of income, how active are you etc.



    • AtakanYücel
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      Im sorry, new to forums. Im a BFG owner, my worth is around 140DLS, I’m active everyday, like 3-4hrs/day at least.

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    In my opinion it's not worth going for diggers spade. Why spend like 1-5dls on an item that will get you 3-5wls per farm you break? If you're rich enough to get to 200 tokens, might as well go for something that shows your wealth and looks nice. If the only reason you would go for diggers spade is to break worlds for wls, I wouldn't recommend it, otherwise if you just like how it looks, go for it!


    • A2GTs
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      well, it is less profit if you make like dirt farm. But you can gain 5-7wls from working clear world (on the right world).

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    Why digger's spade , are you farming dirt and cave bg?


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      well, if your dream item is golden pickaxe, you can buy goden pickaxe and complete epic quest.

      But... if you want to have more profit than just opening BFG, you can buy digger spade. You can earn 5-7wls/world for working in clear worlds, not dirt farm. Dirt farm is cheaper. You can choose where you want to work from those SBs, or, (sorry i didnt mean to show ads here, just recomending) MAMAKERJA, ADAKERJA, or anything else (Man, I forgot what KERJA worlds more).
      My name is A Two G-T-S. Yes its my name.
      Playing this since Dec 2018, but now i'm busy on study but still playing this game tho


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        imo, i will choose g pick instead of digger. because u already rich, u can buy dirt farm and save a couple hour. g pick is cool item, i use it in every set


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          I think it's more useful to digger spade because you can use it for the role quest builder and carnival quest.


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            Get gpick. You're one step closer to your dream item, don't get blinded by small profit.


            • Dzez
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              Yep, but the spade is also fun to have except its hella ugly