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What to do with my gems?

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  • What to do with my gems?

    Recently came back to growtopia and been doing some bfg, now i have around 40k gems and was wondering whats the best way to get wls out of the gems

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    Gamble in valentine ofc Gem price is super low now days so nothing is super good, but maybe you could sell startopia tools in next guild event. That might be good.


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      I just bought surg packs with my 100k gems and sold them 1/7-7.5 (each pack costs 12k gems = 2 wls, you get 2k gems profit on each pack)


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        Easiest and yet profitable way is buying birth certificates...
        20k gems / 11-13 wls each
        5 surg packs would give u 35 wls if u sell 7 each. Birth certificates give u 36 if u sell 12 each.. and u save up the time dropping and finding buyer..
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        • Jday
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          Pretty baby

          3 surg packs are 36k gems
          While 3 birth certificates are 60k gems.

          Please think before you speak

        • SilentWraith
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          No he's right he just mistyped 3 surg packs the right number for 60 000 gems is 5 surg packs

        • SpitBars
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          Jday yes, Its a spelling mistake..

          Please calculate before you speak

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        Thanks for the help guys, glad to know the community isn’t exactly dead.


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          I suggest you invest all your gems into Valentine's pack (IDK how they are called) and sell GBC that you got from it for 1/1. You will double your wls. Thank me later...



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            You shouldn't spend 40k gems, save abit more until 120k then sell 10 surg packs for 7.3 (73wls + Key) there are alot who would pay for

            that rate, the more packs you got the more expensive you can sell since valentine is coming.