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A hello from GUILD

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  • A hello from GUILD

    Hello, I'm WeekNd, I'd like the world to be a place to promote your guilds. I'm currently lost on ideas on ways to help people find guilds and members, so I just put some bulletins, which isn't working out because people spam the board with random messages.

    edit: just read the rules. I want to delete this thread.

    Sorry kaurkal :'0

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    Thread closed!
    No worries, I know everyone will need time to get used to the new rules
    Please remember the following
    • Do Not share your password with anyone for any reason. So far EVERYONE claiming to be hacked turns out they have trusted that "friend" and he/she was the one who hacked their account. So Stop it...
    • If you accept access to a world you WILL be held responsible for everything happening in a world you have access to (Admin), so don’t go around accepting access to worlds unless you are willing to take responsibility for what is going on in these worlds.