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  • 8Teen4Life
    started a topic Guild System Suggestion

    Guild System Suggestion

    Some features we want in this Guild System Update

    Guild Exp : must be seen even you're only a member of the Guild. Why? To motivate members to work or contribute for the guild because they can monitor how much exp left to level up the guild.

    Guild Contribution : It would be nice if there's a feature shows how many exp does member contribute for the guild. Why? Maybe showing Guild Contribution of each member can use in Guild Event, for example whoever Top Contributor before the Guild Level Up will receive a prizes from Guild Leader. then once the Guild Level up, the contribution will reset to 0.

    How about you? Can you leave your suggestion here too? Leave a comment or like the post if you agree. Thank you have a nice day everyone.

    p.s Sorry for my bad english.