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  • ChickenDinner — News

    The official ChickenDinner guild news thread.

    Looking forward to join us? Visit our Recruitment Thread.

    Guild Leaders:
    • BlueBuzz (GL)
    • Pinuski (GC)
    • Princess (GC)
    • MagicMean (GC)
    • PixelJr (GE)
    • BORHOOD (GE)
    • MockGuy (GE)

    ChickenDinner's Weekly Challenge

    This challenge has been implemented by the leader, and agreed with by our members. Rules are simple!
    The member/elder who scores the highest points for an event will have the permission to recruit an alt account owned by them to the guild only to collect the rewards.
    How cool is that?!
    (This challenge has been cancelled due to lack of slots.)

    Guild Event Performance Statistics

    1-3rd, March 2019 | Fishing Fanatics
    Guild Event Rank: 13
    Contribution: 447,508,512
    Members: 30/75

    8-10th, March 2019 | Block Bashers
    Guild Event Rank: 8
    Contribution: 148,569,392
    Members: 34/75

    15-17th, March 2019 | Surgery Stars
    Guild Event Rank: 6
    Contribution: 396,208,512
    Members: 42/75

    22-24th, March 2019 | Speedy Splicers
    Guild Event Rank: 5
    Contribution: 166,842,512
    Members: 52/75

    29-31th, March 2019 | Super Startopians
    Guild Event Rank: 6
    Contribution: 433,747,008
    Members: 48/75

    5-7th, April 2019 | Block Builders
    Guild Event Rank: 5
    Contribution: 172,822,208
    Members: 54/75

    12-14th, April 2019 | Cooking Conquerors
    Guild Event Rank: 5
    Contribution: 447,734,496
    Members: 70/75

    17-19th, April 2019 | Harvest Heroes
    Guild Event Rank: 2
    Contribution: 390,365,696
    Members: 74/75
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    Still a few spots left in guild!

    We still have a few spots in guild. If you are interested, act fast, cuz they are fast filled and event starts soon!
    Lvl 125, Dr. of Legend
    Roles: Farm 10/10, Build 10/10, Fish 10/10, Surg 10/10 Star 10/10 Cook 8/10

    Worlds: PINUSKI, SHP, etc.
    Ig: pinuskigt


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      Opening thread upon request - good luck with your guild.
      Contact me on Discord: Misthios#3697.

      Follow me on Instagram: