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    Originally posted by Tywin View Post
    Congrats Metrix, definetely one of the coolest (if not the coolest) logo and name a guild can have. Especially that the world lock logo owner is suspended. xd
    Thank you Tywin it means a lot. It definitely is unfortunate that that logo is gone, but the name is safe and now the world lock logo stays in the family forever, it was a shame that I had to leave that guild to join this one, I stayed in it all the way until a couple seconds before I bought this one. One of my buddies actually convinced me to leave it a while ago and join theirs, but then a rollback happened and I was back in the guild the next day. I treated that as a sign I should stay. I actually just recently met up with someone still in that guild, but they had their mascot off, so I informed them about the extremely rare position they are in and they embraced it.

    Thank you Tywin for giving the opportunity to get this back after me striving for it for so long. You and Jud have helped me out a great deal. I'm so happy to have my guild back and I could not thank you enough.

    Yours truly,

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