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The new guild YOSHIES is recuting!

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  • The new guild YOSHIES is recuting!

    Looking for a guild that's chill, non-profit, and fair to its members? Well, then this may be for you. We have just started, so right now their details aren't quite there yet, But that also means we still need a co-leader or two. The guild votes on choices and makes its money, not from a "members do their own thing and pay into the guild" way, but a "members do a certain amount of work each day and get paid depending on how much it makes" way, so guild members don't have to fear getting kicked out because some YTer ruined their profit method. Sounds like something you want to join? Apply at I am also a bit new to this so I will be learning along the way.

    We currently need 1 more member. You will need Discord.