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COCAINEBARONS - Guild Recruitment (Read Before Complain)

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  • COCAINEBARONS - Guild Recruitment (Read Before Complain)

    At start I want to say that the name of guild is not connected with any drug, Its Just a name and words like "drugs" are not blacklisted in game so I had no purpose to break the rules. If it break them just WARN ME , not ban.

    Hi! Our guild have 3 members only and I am Recruiting others to it.

    Rules are simple:
    - Speak english
    - Have Discord (You need to join it - no mic needed)
    - Contribute in events at least 10k Points (It is around 1- 3 pristine items)

    I want to add that we dont
    contribute in startopia, fishing and surgery. Rest of them we do.
    I am Mostly doing above 900k points so its pretty good (IMO)
    If u are Interested in join this Discord or comment here

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