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Guild application [Serious guilds only!!!]

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  • Guild application [Serious guilds only!!!]

    Hello, I'm doing the guild events every time but I still haven't been able to get 3 keys because of the lazy guilds I went into even if they told me that they were... The 1st guild I was in was sold... The 2nd they kicked a few days before the event even started without any reasons and the third guild barely did #18... I did 3.2m+ contribution and they did 500k and less which is very frustrating... BTW I and my brother are both looking for a guild at the moment... And sorry I'll accept only great guilds no new or amateur guilds

    IGN : CaribbeanJr

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    Do take a look, our deposits is 50wls.

    Surg/star - #15
    The others - personal max.

    More info:
    [ IGN ]: PandoRika
    [ Instagram ]: @pando_rika

    Status: DEAD


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      Still looking for a guild... I'm ready to do max in all the eve'ts except cooking and startopia I'll need some help before the events start (I'm willing to train and pay)
      I want the legendary item that's why I'm looking for a guild...

      IGN : CaribbeanJr


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        Hi, check us out at the link below:

        We help all our members to make sure they participate themselves on all guild events, including the hard ones like surgery, startopia and cooking. Have a startopia guide in our guild base as well.

        We are active, and our objective is to ensure the guild members get enough keys to unlock the legendary prize. We max guild reward every event. Ranked 22 in last event.

        We don't go for glory and make members sacrifice their precious wls just to hit top ranks.

        Look me up or any of my GCs in game if your interested.
        Owner of:
        BLACKSMITH: public anvil/forge/altar and all smithing recipes
        WIKIEVENTZ: guide/recipe to all GT events
        Guild leader BLACKSMITH, ranked top 20 in Spring Clash