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BLACKSMITH guild recruiting!

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  • BLACKSMITH guild recruiting!

    Guild level 15. Consistently ranked top 20. We are active and we always max our guild rewards. We are a bunch of team players that do not make our members waste dls and unnecessary effort. We help everyone to learn about all guild events, including startopia, surgery and cooking, so that everyone will be able to obtain their own points and token rewards.

    or the current guild clash, we will be helping everyone to aim for the legendary prize. We require basic discipline to meet the min tier 17 personal requirement. If you are willing and able to, you should max personal rewards so that you are able obtain the 10 keys required to unlock the legendary prize at the end of the Spring Clash in 2020.

    Members place a refundable deposit 30wl (one-time off and will be returned to you when you leave, unless you did not participate in the event). We participate in all events. Visit world BLACKSMITH. Our guild corner is on the right.

    Leave a mail there, pm me, or any of my GE/GC if u interested to join, or have more questions.

    Our GE/GC include: Chocomelts, EHeng, HChord
    Owner of:
    BLACKSMITH: public anvil/forge/altar and all smithing recipes
    WIKIEVENTZ: guide/recipe to all GT events
    Guild leader BLACKSMITH, ranked top 20 in Spring Clash