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    Good bye whoever you are.
    Started game June 2013 and Forums August 2013
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      I have always admired you since I started forums and I would constantly stalk you all the time. Before you leave for forever please I beg of youto tell me what the BL stands for in your name? I need to know.

      heck I would even take pictures in your world for my profile pictures
      Click image for larger version

Name:	bye.png
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Name:	byeagainblyoshi.png
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ID:	6481689

      also some screenshots i thought would be worth sharing
      Click image for larger version

Name:	imcry.png
Views:	1
Size:	405.8 KB
ID:	6481690Beating your pinball parkour<Click image for larger version

Name:	irlycri.png
Views:	1
Size:	384.6 KB
ID:	6481691<breaking into your survival games<Click image for larger version

Name:	wot.png
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Name:	ignorte.png
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Name:	Growtopia anulot.png
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Size:	581.3 KB
ID:	6481694the anulot stalking you days

      I really miss all of this rest in rek blyoshi

      Also on a sad note i guess we know who is going to get the world YOSHI now...
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        You were a great forumers, a great world-builder and an overall nice guy, but every dog has is day; sad to see you go so soon, though! Thanks for all your community worlds, and your positive impact on us Growtopians, BLYoshi, you'll be remembered for all your positivity!

        Thanks for the small note, by the way.
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          I'll remember you. I think. When I shoot my BLYoshi's Dirt Gun? It was nice getting to know you.
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            Bye green guy. Everyone's quitting, great.
            Originally posted by Lugeja
            My dream is it i am moderator i speak estonia and little bit finland


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              I will re live your honor. Shrek is BLYoshi conf1rmed.

              No seriously, good luck in life!
              Smash that flag counter in the face

              Thanks Topazi for this portrait of me.


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                Before you gone, get that Heart Monitor on Styx world will ya,
                Anyways, Well, I have no idea what to say, since we technically have an employer and employee relationship in the beginning. *awkward* In truth, I was way richer than I appeared I was back when I want to work for you, because I was so amazed at your lockstreet world. So I pretended to be poor to perhaps say a hi or two, just to make acquitance with you but it ended up a flop because I was the only one there working and you logged off right after you employed me.
                I think your head has some brilliant ideas. I admire you for that. I don't know how long this retirement going to last, but if it's forever, I hope to see your youtube channel to be converted into a gaming channel so I can still stalk you.
                Pray you have a good life outside Growtopia and I'm glad we cross path.
                Stay safe~
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                  Dood, your story. It just makes me feel happy that someone has started working from the low depths of Growtopia to a decent player with decent wealth. I've admired you, not because you were pretty nice, but the fact that you've done everything to get involved with the community (i.e.: LOCKSTREET/That one world where you got to get the most Chickens). Hope you'll have a good time off of Growtopia. Like I said, you were one of those people that I've admired for a long time
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                    This honestly made me kinda sad, you've sorta been that person who A ton of people looked up to (including me :3). Sadly it was mostly me working for you with a bunch of your stuffs (Help break, pcasino, ect). I'm fairly sure some of my first posts were on your Wotd, uh, the computer themed one ( :^ ).

                    Q: Any regrets?
                    Another Q: What does BL actually stand for?

                    It'll be a sad forums without ya, bai.
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                    I'm Done


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                      NUUUUUUUU bai yoshi
                      Discord - Jahbol#2600


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                        Well, though you do not know me (well…you probably do), I will tell you that you were a great person to have around. While sometimes I frowned upon times you may have come off as boastful and arrogant, I know that it was not your intent. Hopefully your impression shall last as an influential player, but even the wealthy Rubie is not a common topic anymore. The greats lose luster; your friends and fellow forumers will not forget you though.


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                          I barely knew you but gl with the future.


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                            It saddens me when I see people go, especially the one(s) i've respected and admired. I won't forget ya Yoshi, I won't. For all the good things you have done to the forum community and in-game, I won't forget that. Honestly, you're the other guys I admired besides Zero and Jake.
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                              See ya BaconLettuceYoshi.

                              Currently working for free in a Touhou doujinshi TL group.
                              Living the Dream.

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                                Awww nuts

                                Bye Yoshi. Happy trails!