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    Originally posted by Wronix View Post
    Bye green guy. Everyone's quitting, great.
    Bye man, never really got to try out your technique of wl-earning hah.

    Originally posted by SuperJ View Post
    I will re live your honor. Shrek is BLYoshi conf1rmed.

    No seriously, good luck in life!
    Thank you!

    Originally posted by Wobbly BungBi View Post
    Before you gone, get that Heart Monitor on Styx world will ya,
    Anyways, Well, I have no idea what to say, since we technically have an employer and employee relationship in the beginning. *awkward* In truth, I was way richer than I appeared I was back when I want to work for you, because I was so amazed at your lockstreet world. So I pretended to be poor to perhaps say a hi or two, just to make acquitance with you but it ended up a flop because I was the only one there working and you logged off right after you employed me.
    I think your head has some brilliant ideas. I admire you for that. I don't know how long this retirement going to last, but if it's forever, I hope to see your youtube channel to be converted into a gaming channel so I can still stalk you.
    Pray you have a good life outside Growtopia and I'm glad we cross path.
    Stay safe~
    Heya Bungbi. Man, the days when I had 40+ workers farming pinballs/chands. I've always respected you for your contributions to the forums, including the items you drew and suggested. Congratulations on some of them getting into the game! Never got the chance to say that.

    Also, I never assumed you were poor hah. Thanks, and I'm also glad we've crossed paths.

    Originally posted by MrMehMeh View Post
    Dood, your story. It just makes me feel happy that someone has started working from the low depths of Growtopia to a decent player with decent wealth. I've admired you, not because you were pretty nice, but the fact that you've done everything to get involved with the community (i.e.: LOCKSTREET/That one world where you got to get the most Chickens). Hope you'll have a good time off of Growtopia. Like I said, you were one of those people that I've admired for a long time
    Thanks man, I remember you being the helpful guy you are back when I was new on the forums. Congrats on your thingamabob, you earned it

    Originally posted by |ThyLuigi| View Post
    This honestly made me kinda sad, you've sorta been that person who A ton of people looked up to (including me :3). Sadly it was mostly me working for you with a bunch of your stuffs (Help break, pcasino, ect). I'm fairly sure some of my first posts were on your Wotd, uh, the computer themed one ( :^ ).

    Q: Any regrets?
    Another Q: What does BL actually stand for?

    It'll be a sad forums without ya, bai.
    Any regrets? Probably only the friends I'm leaving behind. But other than that, I'm ready to go. I didn't expect to be playing this game for this long.

    And if I told you what BL stood for, I'd have to kill you.

    Nice knowin ya Luigi

    Originally posted by JoTheWarrior View Post
    NUUUUUUUU bai yoshi
    Goodbye, you villain killing sunflower

    Originally posted by Masqueraded View Post
    Well, though you do not know me (well…you probably do), I will tell you that you were a great person to have around. While sometimes I frowned upon times you may have come off as boastful and arrogant, I know that it was not your intent. Hopefully your impression shall last as an influential player, but even the wealthy Rubie is not a common topic anymore. The greats lose luster; your friends and fellow forumers will not forget you though.
    Sorry, I try to not be boastful, and be humble instead. If I ever pushed it, I aplogize. Thank you!

    Originally posted by WOOWOOWOO View Post
    I barely knew you but gl with the future.

    Originally posted by ElectroDream View Post
    It saddens me when I see people go, especially the one(s) i've respected and admired. I won't forget ya Yoshi, I won't. For all the good things you have done to the forum community and in-game, I won't forget that. Honestly, you're the other guys I admired besides Zero and Jake.
    Thanks Electro, you're also one to admire as well. Always helping people, building nice worlds. cya

    Originally posted by Areodax View Post
    See ya BaconLettuceYoshi.

    (Sorry FreeSamples, double spongebob pics).

    Cya Oreo.

    Originally posted by Jackk View Post
    Awww nuts

    Bye Yoshi. Happy trails!
    Bye iPhone!

    Originally posted by NinjaPRO View Post
    Good luck, Yoshi.

    Thanks man

    Originally posted by GIGeo View Post
    Cya dude. Enjoy life.
    Cya Geo

    Originally posted by Deimantas Lebedevas View Post
    Cya! Also i'm leaving together with you, but i quit for longer.
    Are you challenging me? I WILL QUIT LONGER. But in all seriousness, this is goodbye.

    Originally posted by Joshua Tan View Post
    Dang, I remember the time my cousin (Mangausteen) bought your world FIGHTS. And tbh I use to fanboy you lol
    Ah I remember that. Tell him I said thanks

    Originally posted by Bizarro View Post
    Before you go can I get you to place a heart monitor in one of my worlds..?
    Sorry I don't do that.

    Originally posted by Raffisswag View Post
    Although I only got to meet you a few times, I always admired how nice you were to everybody. The day before you quit you were running around the world MARKET and bought all my and OceanDolphin's pickaxes for 36 world locks I thought you were just being the general nice person you always were. I wish I had a chance to talk to you and become friends, you seem like such a great guy. If this really is the end I wish you all the best with the rest of your life and if you ever chose to return to this wonderful community I hope you will be accepted with open arms.

    Also that was a crazy story, haha I guess I got super lucky having OceanDolphin already played a little while to explain me everything hahaha. I'm pretty sure everybody farmed grass seeds at one point or another in their noob life hahaha.


    I hope we cross paths again someday

    No, actually I was just doing that for the lols. I didn't buy the 190 pickaxes because I was quitting, I thought it would be funny and make Dolphin happy at the same time haha. I also did the same thing with other people in the past few weeks.


    Originally posted by Prizm View Post
    i've never got to meet you in game but you seem like a great guy on the forums. Good luck on your real life yoshi .

    Thanks Prizm

    Originally posted by Evets1 View Post
    You too? D:

    You were always an amazing friend. I was completely speechless when you went out of your way to buy that world for me. You were fun to hang around with. All good things must come to an end however.

    It's been a pleasure, Yoshi.
    Eh, it was nothing. Just felt wls were less important than friendship. wls don't last forever. Friendship does.

    And on that note, it's been a pleasure being your friend Evets. Hope we cross paths one day again


    I'll get to the next page of replies later, I'm starting to cry


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      Farewell, my friend. I still remember going to BLYOSHI and being jelly because your collection was amazing compared to mine (and still is !). Travel safely in the real world, it's full of real people from what I've heard. Scary.


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        I've admired you before I made an account on the forum. You're one of the reasons why I joined the forums, though I'm more of a lurker than an active poster. It's sad to see you leaving. Bye Yoshi, and good luck in real life!


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          Originally posted by BLYoshi View Post
          Lol, never heard of that song. Only song I've listened to from Owl City is Fireflies. Cya man.
          Wait, you haven't heard "Good Time" by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen? Okay, that's weird...
          Originally posted by Shane1343
          I can't get banned, im the almighty sethmumu I own this game just as much as Seth and hamumu
          Originally posted by GummiBear64
          Pink is a sign of manliness.


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            You broke my heart when you gave me the world key of 42. Can't believe you are actually leaving.

            I will always treasure that world until the day I leave Growtopia. Take care buddy in the real world. I will miss you buddy.

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              We'll always remember your helpful threads, awesome raceworlds etc!
              I remember playing on Chemistryjumps the same time it got wotd.
              Farawell yoshi, farawell.
              Originally posted by BLYoshi
              How to know you're mini modding:

              If your posts are useless, but look like they're trying to help others. And if you use giant font so it takes a minute to scroll past your useless post because your font is so huge.

              If you like my posts, give me a damn!

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                Like most great forumers, I never really get a chance to meet them or have a conversation with them. Everyone comes and goes, it's a game, we all understand that. Your dedicated time to the community has lead you to become a well respected forumer.

                Like I said, I never really talked to you however do remember some things that you did. I remember breaking pinball bumpers for you and you would pay the breakers 3 wls each. I also remember the survival game where you had to gather as many chickens as possible with a 3x3 plot of land. I remember the game was ruined because people cheated and let other people out by opening the doors or placing doors.

                Well anyway, see ya! Good luck!
                You can find me ingame as Bagelz and on Discord as Bagelz#5403​.


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                  Wow your leaving before I am. I alwase kinda followed you ( no staker ) and really saw how you changed and achieved. Your goals I wish you luck in life.


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                    Good luck man we'll miss ya!
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                    Originally posted by BLYoshi
                    So what do you do when others are playing dirty? You play dirty as well.


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                      Cya man, I met you in mid 2014, and you were a good friend
                      It's been a great time knowing you.


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                        Hey yoshi, b4 you retire, can you tell me one thing? What happened with your whole event-contest thing with the eggs?

                        All my dragons, I have retired from


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                          Goodbye man! Have a good life! *Plays See You Again*
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                            Mangausteen is active now btw he goes online every month or every two months to make his locks not decay or me and my cousin play with his account
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                              Bye :c don't really know you but you sold some coffee makers to me for my ring quest, which led to my one ring Growtopia was lucky to have a player like you.


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                                This made be pretty sad, tbh.
                                You were a nice person, I wish I could have had a real conversation with you though.
                                Be sure to log on once in a while, just to make sure YOSHI (and your other worlds) doesn't get stolen
                                I'll remember you every time I take a sip of coffee from the Coffee Maker you sold me.