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It's been a pleasure.

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    I never got to meet you but you sound like a hardworking and cool guy. If you ever come back I'd want to chat with you.
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      Sometimes I avoid contributing to quitting threads for people I haven't really met. Mostly because I don't want to reiterate everyone else's goodbyes, plus I suck at saying goodbyes.
      Everyone be like: Bye, I'll miss you.

      But you have contributed a whole lot to this game. You'll be missed. Best of luck in lyfe.
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        P.S. I didn't know you played The World Of Magic.
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          It kinda stinks we never really got to hang out much. Sad to see such a great person leave...

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            Sad to see you quiting, as though I expected it since you were playing less drasticly. Hope to hear again from you in the future again.


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              Its been also a pleasure to me too.
              I enjoyed your pvp and races world you were one of the best forumer I ever met or spoke with.


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                A question from a fellow Growtopian...

                I have played for 747 days, and never really seemed to get many world locks. Even after mass producing several times, farming (which I'm a level 42, so that shows I farm,), doing deeds, etc.
                And since you have a lot and made an item for the game, you are the one I am asking.
                Have any suggestions? ANY?! Haha...! ANYYYY
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                  Because of your departure, I will keep only to the positive things I recall. For example, the impact you seem to have made on such a widespread audience, who craved whatever ingenious idea you may have conjured for a project. I will say thanks; foremost for being a great guy to be around and also turning some of my many ideas that were distantly common and creating things even better than I had thought was possible. You are truly an aspiring player, despite how seldom our confrontations were (one when I was buying space connectors; then, of course, PCASINO; and then the first? unicorn harvest in SEEDED — why do I remember all of this?).

                  I wish you the best of luck in real life and hope you find another game as great as this one (I am looking for MMOs personally to replace GT).


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                    Aww man. Sad to see you going. I thanks for being a rolemodel for me.

                    Offtopic: Instead of asking for your 2000WLs, as that would be extremely rude and greedy, I'd like to ask, how did you got your focused eyes? I'm trying so hard but didn't got it...
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                      What about PORTAL2? I was so excited for that, but now that you are quitting, are you just gonna abandon it, or are you going to sell it?
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                        Not my yoshi D:
                        Here to answer anything you need. ^.^


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                          But.. but.. ZeroRarity didn't quit.
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                            You were my idol on the forums. I always checked your posts and profile to find the right answers, and now we see you go. Good luck with your life, don't get scammed!
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                              I'll never forget the times we had in PCASINO.

                              You were a wonderful guy.

                              Bye, Yoshi. We'll miss you.
                              You know what's better than playing games on your phone and wasting your time trying to become a moderator by posting a lot of stuff and pretending to be active and helpful on the forums, and having this fake persona on the Internet? A life. A social one, really, go hang out with friends. Focus more on yourself. Stop trying to impress people. Be yourself, honestly. No need to pretend. So many fake people here.


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                                Blyoshi, you have been one of the best friends I have ever had (if not the best) and I couldn't hope for a better friend. This makes me sad that I won't be able to see you anymore, but then I'm also happy for you becuase I know life will open up new opperatunities for a well rounded guy like you. Also,thanks for visiting my giveaways over a year ago, it was fun to do those when the sb price was cheaper, but it's too expensive now. Those mammoths are still growing and the legendary quest is still gonna take a while, I think I told you my plan. About those 20 dls, I could use them, jk jk jk. To sum up everything that I just said, I wish you luck with whatever life may lead you to. You have been a great friend.
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