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Well I guess it's been good...

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  • Well I guess it's been good...

    Well I got permabanned for a few reasons and I just wanted to let those who might care know
    I'm not here askin for sympathy
    But yeah support wouldn't give me $15 worth of gems I didn't receive then they blocked IAP's to my account because of a few times I've had a spoofer on while I was buying gems so I said some ayyyyy I just realized I don't have to worry about gettin banned I called the person a useless inbred ****tard (as a skim over...) and yeah I was told I haven't matured so&so and I don't deserve to play this game so & so I said suck my nuts and yeah hit in the face with a permaban I was expecting anyways Peace Out Gt...

    For now....

    740 day ban for callin support inbreds :P
    Still kinda active on the forums tho