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Meet NekoRei (Growtopia's New Community Manager)

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  • Meet NekoRei (Growtopia's New Community Manager)

    Heya! My name is NekoRei and I am the new Community Manager of Growtopia! *cue in claps*

    Anyway, I am a Filipino but I came from Malaysia. I used to be a Community Manager / Game Master for several popular games and was Senior Social Media and Community Manager for Southeast Asia's prime esports and gaming channel. So I can safely say that managing and developing game communities is my expertise and passion. So rest assured that I will do my best to take care of the Growtopia community.

    I am also a blogger, vlogger, livestreamer and cosplayer. So yes... I love Japanese (and Korean) pop culture. I love playing various PC, mobile and console games! I'm a huge Star Wars fan! My fave Marvel super heroes are Doctor Strange, Deadpool and Rogue (X-Men)... my fave DC character is The Flash (and Batman).

    Stay tuned as we have tons of awesome activities, events and campaigns lined up for the community in all of our social media platforms plus new videos and contents are coming your way... so just sit back and relax and welcome to my world!

    PS: I am a girl if my female voice in the video was not clear enough hahah
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    No need to read the whole thread, welcome to growtopia, I'm glad to see a Filipina here.
    I WLL MISS M1TCH, BYE !!!!

    Originally posted by M1tch
    Bye, AlyMilk ;) Best of luck and thank you for your kind words :D


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      Welcomeeeee, NekoRei! I wish you the best of luck!
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        How's it feel?
        I'm the Best Noob Ever!
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          There’s not much for me to say, for this is our first encounter, but here’s a shady hello from a shady guy.

          Do you have a cat? Do you like reading?


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            Try to be safe in game as there are many indo and fillipino haters here and there..
            Anyways welcome hope to have a lot of fun in forum under you
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              Welcome to Growtopia


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                Okay, where's ur YouTube channel

                Maximum Purchase personal setting

                Suggestion box with many items


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                  Originally posted by Aneeqz51 View Post
                  Try to be safe in game as there are many indo and fillipino haters here and there..
                  Anyways welcome hope to have a lot of fun in forum under you
                  Well, as the Community Manager that is what I want to slowly eradicate from the community... the hate. And of course, even if I am Filipino I believe my race should not be a reason for others to dislike me. Then that would just be plain unrespectful, judgemental and racist... which we should avoid.


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                    ok then lol


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                      Originally posted by 3rKang View Post
                      Okay, where's ur YouTube channel
                      Unfortunately, I am not allowed to disclose even if I want to So lemme see how good of a researchers you guys are hahaha


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                        Welcome to the community of Growtopia!

                        I really hope you'll stay long enough for us to become the Growtopia father. (we really need one)
                        You seem like a cool guy. Not much else to say. bla bla bla..
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                          Nice to see a new face around here.

                          Edit. What's your favorite cosplay?
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                            Welcome to Growtopia. Be careful not to be bitten, burn, and smashed by Growtopians.
                            With Mitch being gone, are you also the new creatives? The one who designs items?
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                              nekoboi replaced good ol mitch