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  • Leaving Growtopia. (Inactivity)

    That means all the Discord servers, the forums, etc. I will leave them all on 31 December.
    However, the last place I will stand is in the RSP Discord, where I will stay there as a memory.
    Link since people asked for it:

    To the ordinary players:
    I wouldn't be giving away anything. This will simply be the shutting down of all services owned by me.
    To the scums who will cheer happily after seeing me leave, you should probably look at the economy after my official leave. I don't know how it will turn out without me, but it should be still stable because my moves are always subtle, except for a few items which I've been focusing on for the past few months. If the economy really wobbles, then I regret all my moves I have made in the past. I'm serious.

    All my goals, which all have been achieved:
    Maximum level (125)
    Be uniquely impactful to the game (In too many ways I've been demonstrated power)
    Buy a toxic world name (L, SALT)
    AT LEAST make a move in the social aspect in GT (Thank you zanqit and the old TRUSTCORP gang for bringing me out of the shadows)
    Create a trend (BFG)
    Be financially stable (If I ran out of BGLs on Tevoir, I was to get my senior team members to relay some BGLs for me from my team stash. Although I feel like I'm barely earning on Tevoir through backline investments... I never needed to get BGLs through that way)
    Corrupt the game (Made the game lazy via AFK slide farms and BFG) (Probably reintroduced price manipulation way back in the day but I doubt I made that impact tbh)
    Get a dream set (My set is l1t tho it's cheap)
    Bring together a dream team (Ez clap)
    Most importantly, be the source of B4L4NC3(Pushing the economy to what seems suitable for my needs, fighting other teams like mine for stability without seeing the face of the enemy (or even seeing them ONCE sometimes))

    I thank this game for my childhood memories as it watched my life fly by ever so quickly. Through the pain I walked through IRL, GT walked alongside me and guided my IRL dreams. Now I'm one of the weirdest people alive IMO, dropping out of school, earning cash online in quite large sums, fighting health problems and restricted indoors, suffering alone. It's been 4.5 years since I've joined this game, I may/may not have regretted some moments where I made bad choices, but these events have shaped me to whoever I am now. Instead of becoming Tevoir, the Growtopian with decent wealth (which got almost entirely rollbacked after a gamble on rippers), I am now Tevoir, innovator and economist with decent recognition in game, while looking out of place in most parts of the game awkwardly.

    I thank the forumers for looking on my journey, through success and failure, through the toxic players. You guys helped me with my social aspect a lot.

    I now thank the Ubisoft staff, who have been trying very hard to keep the afloat, free of illegal activities, spitting out content, etc. I might look down on the game budgeting itself, but I thank you for working hard for us, the community.

    I thank the haters, for I have, and will keep dabbing on you. KMS no, but you gave me the spark to fight against/around you, with honor.

    I thank my old friends, for building my foundations in this game. They taught me the basics and they were the last people to chat nicely around me, till I went dark quite literally.

    I thank my partners for trusting in me. You have been proven right that I was the right choice, and I deserved to fight alongside you. Some of you have then been lead by me now, but I will be gone.

    Recognized players on Tevoir:
    zanqit (For baiting me into the social aspect of GT lol, thanks for supporting my main account)
    Ximic, Reagern (Now Joseph), Starbyte, TyTheAbsol (For being along for the ride most of the time, thanks for accompanying me through this journey)
    VONARIES and my old friend list (Which I dabbed on and deleted your existence)
    BFGLINK managers (Who voluntary do recognized work, thank you)
    Old TRUSTCORP managers (It was a fun ride for the old BFG)
    RSP members for summer clash (For believing in me and the other staff, we had a great time)
    The players who create grudges and flame me for every move I take (Stop trying to scare me, it's just annoying)
    The players who tried to socialize with me (I tried once, was awkward and stressing enough)
    The donation drives (no.)
    I thank you for lightening up my GT experience. I would have been lazier without you guys IMO.

    My flexible cellular structures: (Eco movers)
    Time to reveal some information. Fine.
    Here's my ranking system. I have 17 senior members (2nd season started at 13), each leading a smaller team of 5-20 members each (outsourced and handpicked when they need more members). I dish out sketches/outlines of plans via google sheets and they give suggestions and tweaks. These outlines are usually easy step by step plans on selling/negotiating/buying/etc items in fractions/percentages on own supply/other players. Some side guides are added by me on manipulation, player thinking, identifying any mistake in order to ask for a pull back, etc. Once ready within just a few minutes of compromising, I send out 1-5 senior members to outsource to their own members depending on the importance/difficulty of each task. Although I only contact each average member maybe once a week, they still get the job done almost perfectly SOMEHOW. Probably through dividing members accordingly it helps with leadership issues.
    And for the networth, there's like only 125+ BGLs pure, with about 2k-5k BGLs of worth of items in the storage. (with tons of every splicable item, every demanded for item etc) The list is somewhere for the items hoarded for this second season (reform). I don't bother calculating, I only care about having enough items to do stuff with.
    Any this team was disbanded a while back due to myself getting pissed, but reformed due to people helping me back up. I thank my OG season members for helping me back on my feet.
    These guys are the people who basically redefined what I felt about the community for a while as perfectionists and responsible players... but I realized that they are selected for a reason.
    (Then I realize I will still keep contact with these guys LMAO)

    My successful projects on Tevoir: (that I have participated in)
    World negotiating.
    Worlds I bought/negotiated for others (literally all on zanqit since I didn't and don't branch out): L, F, R, BUYCHAND, BUYJAIL, BUYTENEMENT, BUYGOTHIC, BUYSORC, BUYGJAR, RSP, etc
    BFGLINK, the OG and first BFG link world.
    R, the most successful RSP seed shop.
    TRUSTCORP, the most successful deposit old school manual BFG.
    L, the most useless main world.
    RSP, the most reliable deposit guild (and possibly the first) during summer clash
    And many many more that I have probably forgotten

    My last words to the community:
    Be responsible. Everything you do, every step, every move will be noticed by the public eye.
    I wish that Ubisoft can end the moderating crisis. If they do, you will have to rebuild the game reputation together with the community. If not, well GG to the game.
    I wish the game will move on fine without me. And it should.

    Like the lurking player I am, I knew this day would come. The main reason is about the game itself. There's nothing that interests me after waiting for months, nothing to draw me back in. For me, it's improvising plans, sketching ratios, predicting player movement, doing BFGs and maintain some worlds. That's all I do. Also the bots and illegal activities make me feel like I'm stuck in a country with a large population where the law exists, but there are only 20 policemen doing all the work. Honestly, if I ever was requested to become a mod, I will probably abandon all projects on Tevoir and help out the game for self satisfaction and redemption.
    IRL... In the new year, I have a lot more business opportunities to deal with online. New people who have found and want to unlock potential in deeper areas of the general economy. People who are actually motivated to work up their investments/businesses. Another reason is my health, which is still killing me inside.

    As I said somewhere else, I will return at the darkest hour to literally end your misery and if the game improves somehow, I will try to boost it again. And obviously if I have time. Thank you Growtopia for the fond memories.

    With an unnecessary salutation,
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    Has quit the game on 31/12/2018.

    Professional lurker.

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    I really thank you for you invented BFG,it's help me very well when i start to come back to the game,helping finding BFG world from your world (BFGLINK),and your creation lead to good thing,though as always there will be cons and pros but that okay,Nothing is Perfect in this world

    Your Creation and your legacy will always be remember But for now,

    Good luck IRL,Have fun,and Thank you !
    This is not a spoiler for movies or any tv show..


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      Farewell tev, ty so much for give a chance to small farmer like me in your BFGLINK its help me alot, probably most small farmer in bfglink too. Nice interaction to meet you.

      P.S: Considering im new in GT then now i watch all big player quitting one by one means im a little bit late playing this fun game.
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        Farewell mate
        Going to miss out on that kys comment randomly on rsp chat
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        Time is the biggest investment you will ever make


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          Goodbye, TeeHeeBee.

          I wished I would have found the Forums earlier, I never knew people who changed this game until I joined.
          Thank you!


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            We'll miss you. You've been a great influence to our community and I especially thank you for creating BFGs. Never really knew you much, but anyways, bye!
            ”even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise."

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              hey tev, i see ur following zanqit in leaving the game as well.(hopefully the last since the community is so toxic(myself included). i really dont know how to say goodbye but hey, have fun in wht u do in the future and now, stop being so edgy. like i said, i dont know how to say goodbye so ill end it here.
              Life has no real meaning anyways.

              Originally posted by 007starz
              hi,im a matt ripoff
              free service i do in my free time

              Need a rework seriously...


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                wow 5k bgls
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                  Originally posted by TeeHeeBee View Post
                  That means all the Discord servers, the forums, etc. I will leave them all on 31 December.
                  However, the last place I will stand is in the RSP Discord, where I will stay there as a memory.


                  With an unnecessary salutation,

                  For me, not being much of a socializing kiddo,
                  this might be an inspiration for us all.


                  I hope i reach my dreams, soon enough,
                  may you be contactable still,
                  so if ever, you come back.

                  You know what to do.

                  Have a great time IRL, enjoy.
                  stay safe,man.
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                  Originally posted by Nostos
                  yes please.... +1


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                    To Tevoir:

                    It's been nice knowing you and all the crazy antics and plans that i have experienced with you around till this period.
                    Although there were some occasions that i would find your actions disapproving, it was fun having you around.

                    However, we as humans would need to move on whenever necessary, therefore, i would like to say a goodbye to you, at least, publicly.
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                      You've so greatly affected GT with BFG and I thank you for that. Your words were quite powerful and I wish you good luck in the real world. As I say every time a person with meaning leaves GT

                      "Part of the Journey is the end."

                      (yes it's a stolen quote ssshhhh)
                      Knowledge is power
                      Manners Maketh Man


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                        wow big guy


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                          Ah man we knew this day would eventually come sadly. Like someone else said, you really infuenced the game in a positive way that no other has. The achievements you've complete are worthy of your feelings to be proud. You'll always be one of the legends of this game that would forever be remembered, goodluck brother!
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                            I knew you few years ago, I remember I'll always see you in TRUSTCORP along with other managers whenever I'm going to break blocks. I don't really know you well, even though my cousins mentioned you several times in our chats. I was also a member of RSP guild in summer clash too. Tried to talk to you but maybe you didn't notice me haha. Sad to see you leave, the guy that always wear a burglar/swordman mask (not sure which lmao).

                            Farewell. From ColdB and my cousins GodPhoenx, GodIcys/old Monitors.
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                              Originally posted by Ximic View Post
                              To Tevoir:

                              It's been nice knowing you and all the crazy antics and plans that i have experienced with you around till this period.
                              Although there were some occasions that i would find your actions disapproving, it was fun having you around.

                              However, we as humans would need to move on whenever necessary, therefore, i would like to say a goodbye to you, at least, publicly.
                              Disapproving actions. I can clearly remember them LOL.
                              IGN: Tevoir
                              Level: 125

                              Has quit the game on 31/12/2018.

                              Professional lurker.