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Meet Our Partners From Canada!

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  • Hey, Welcome to both of you.
    IGN: SydeEvil
    Discord: SydeEvil#2924


    • I’m glad that we’re getting more support! Welcome to Growtopia!
      IGN: Rovie
      Discord: rovvvie#4588

      pfp by topazi


      • Welcome @RestFord and @Looloops. (I met RestFord yesterday while he/she doing a spleef with vvCephei)
        I experience 3D Modeling and 2D Drawings.

        IG: @raymondtran59




        • Welcome to both of you 💜 Already got to meet LoolOops, such a sweety! Good luck!
          peek a boo

          Instagram :
          Discord : Emphera#6275


          • Welcome everyone
            IGN: Flameskin


            • welcome to the gt fam!!
              Check out my services here: Click me!.
              Sell Arroz con Pollo 4/wl at SELLARROZ


              • Extending my warmest of greetings to the two of you! It’s always a pleasure to see new faces trying to improve the QOL of the game.

                To Looloops, I’d love to hear your tunes someday! I’m sure they’re great.

                Not to forget you,
                Restford, our new specialist.
                I love haikus too!
                Nobody comes without mistakes or flaws;
                it's what you make of them
                that shapes who you are.


                Wanna talk? Send me a PM!
                IGN: Immaculate


                • thanks for the welcome!
                  very happy to be here,
                  see you in the game!


                  • Omg, really?
                    @LooLoops is Anime fan?

                    - - - Updated - - -

                    And yeah,

                    Welcome to Growtopia
                    IGN: DyzerKeyzer

                    Goals :

                    1.100% Awesomeness : [100/100] [ √ ]
                    2.Have Focused Eye : [100/100] [ √ ]
                    3.Have 200 DLs : [32/200] [ X ]
                    4.Won 10 WOTD this year : [ 3/10 ] [ X ]

                    Join Growtopia Builder Discord Here!


                    • welcome friendship from me

                      Originally posted by Looloops View Post
                      Hey there, everyone! My name's Looloops, it's a pleasure to meet you all! 🦇

                      In my free time, I'm a musician, music producer, and amateur game developer. I'm currently working on a bunch of musical projects - mostly loud guitar music, but I do some chiller, more atmospheric electronic stuff too. I'm also working on developing a 2D turn-based RPG with lots of social mechanics. I love to stay busy!

                      I love listening to all kinds of music, and I'm a big fan of anime. I don't game everyday, but when I do, I'm usually into more old-school games - platformers, JRPGs, Metroidvanias, all that good stuff. Right now, I'm really enjoying playing Hollow Knight - and Growtopia, of course!

                      It's an honour to be a part of the Growtopia community. I've enjoyed my time here a lot so far and I'm very much looking forward to hanging out with you all in-game!

                      Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you need anything. I'm your girl! 🖤

                      Yo wassup bro , welcome to growtopia for info life on growropia is Scammer or get scamm

                      FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM @noodlestart and LIKE MY POST


                      • Originally posted by GoogleSTART View Post
                        Yo wassup bro , welcome to growtopia for info life on growropia is Scammer or get scamm

                        That’s why their job is to eliminate rule breakers as well as communicating with players and assist some with support tickets.
                        GrowID: PokeNotPoke
                        Instagram: @pokenotpoke


                        • Hey guys, welcome to the team! and community. Cant wait to meet you guys in game! .
                          IGN - MineDeath

                          If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor .

                          Instagram Link!
                          Discord Link!


                          • It's never too late, so welcome!
                            MyAnimeList (updated!) ChickyBro
                            I'm just an apprentice.


                            • 2 words.

                              LOL OOPS

                              - - - Updated - - -

                              Originally posted by ChickyBro View Post
                              It's never too late, so welcome!
                              Yas!! I forgot about dis, Welocme new mods?


                              • Welcome to Growtopia new support specialists!!!
                                IGN : Arcyte
                                Level : 81/125