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Meet Our Partners From Canada!

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  • Glad to have you both on the team! Let's do great things together!
    Canadian Community Manager

    Dream big! The future is yours!!!

    Link to my official IG


    • Wooah,Welcome to the community!


      • Welcome and enjoy your stay.
        Good leadership is a key to success and success is key to good leadership.

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        • welcome Loolopps I guess.

          do you like Froot Loops?
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          • Originally posted by myLocation View Post
            do you like Froot Loops?
            In Canada, we call them "Froops."
            Canadian Community Manager

            Dream big! The future is yours!!!

            Link to my official IG


            • I would like to extend a warm (and late) welcome to @Looloops and @Restford for joining the team. I've had the pleasure of working with both of them thus far and am looking forward to doing so for the foreseeable future. You have all been quite nice to them as they have been visiting random player worlds this past week! Cheers

              Originally posted by Odric View Post
              In Canada, we call them "Froops."
              Froot Loops are among my favorite cereals and I've always had a soft spot for them. Though, I don't each much cereal these days!
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              Support Specialist & Moderator
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              • Originally posted by myLocation View Post
                do you like Froot Loops?
                To tell you the truth they make me a little queasy. But I love Cheerios!
                @LooloopsGT on Instagram!


                • Welcome, both of you!
                  I hope you enjoy your stay,
                  here in Growtopia.
                  :wave::hat:Hello there, enjoy your day.


                  • Originally posted by Looloops View Post
                    Hey there, everyone! My name's Looloops, it's a pleasure to meet you all! 🦇

                    In my free time, I'm a musician, music producer, and amateur game developer. I'm currently working on a bunch of musical projects - mostly loud guitar music, but I do some chiller, more atmospheric electronic stuff too. I'm also working on developing a 2D turn-based RPG with lots of social mechanics. I love to stay busy!

                    I love listening to all kinds of music, and I'm a big fan of anime. I don't game everyday, but when I do, I'm usually into more old-school games - platformers, JRPGs, Metroidvanias, all that good stuff. Right now, I'm really enjoying playing Hollow Knight - and Growtopia, of course!

                    It's an honour to be a part of the Growtopia community. I've enjoyed my time here a lot so far and I'm very much looking forward to hanging out with you all in-game!

                    Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you need anything. I'm your girl! 🖤

                    Please make tutorial on Growtopia music system and how to convert music sheets to regular notes.

                    mods fix giphy pls ^ i sad

                    and when upload it, no work

                    [i miss old image gif
                    bring back] I need them


                    • Originally posted by NekoRei View Post
                      Hello Growtopians,

                      A few weeks ago, we introduced our new partners in Canada. We added two more in the team! I’d like to introduce you all to our new support specialists: Looloops and Restford!

                      You will see them in-game moderating and they will be assisting our Support team with tickets so we can get faster response time!

                      ~ NekoRei
                      Ive Been Banned Due To A Glitch With waterFalls Lava And Water And I Had Just Spent Money And i request an awnser My growid is FiLeTs


                      • Originally posted by Restford View Post
                        Hello! I'm Restford -
                        A new Support Specialist!
                        Pleased to meet you all.

                        I like game shows and,
                        love playing Hearthstone as well!
                        Also LOVE Fallout

                        You may have noticed,
                        I quite enjoy a haiku,
                        Send me one in game!
                        fellow hearthstoner


                        • Welcome to the forums, We hope we could meet you
                          But gudluck and always stay snazzy

                          - - - Updated - - -

                          Originally posted by Looloops View Post
                          To tell you the truth they make me a little queasy. But I love Cheerios!
                          Isn't that Cheerios like Doritos. I don't remember but I had eaten one.
                          Originally posted by Yasuo
                          Originally posted by AlsoYasuo


                          • All good things must come to an end. ~@Looloops

                            She is now resigned from the Ubisoft company and working on new projects meaning that her time as a Growtopia Moderator is over.

                            This is what she stated on Instagram.
                            You will be missed.

                            (Send her some love on her IG.)
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                            I experience 3D Modeling and 2D Drawings.

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                            • Meet Our New Support Specialist: Ragebound

                              Hey Growtopians,

                              As the Canadian Team is growing, I'm happy to introduce you to our new Support Specialist Ragebound!

                              He, like everyone in the Canadian Team, will support you all during the time when the team in Abu Dhabi is unavailable to ensure that there is always a moderator present and support guaranteed.

                              Without further ado, let him introduce himself and give him a warm welcome !

                              ~ Baskerville


                              • Hello everyone!

                                My name is Ragebound and I'm the new Growtopia Support Specialist!

                                I'm the type of person who can pretty much play anything, as long as it interestes me, I'm open to try it. I play mostly on consoles and handhelds, but I have also played on PC when I was really into MMORPGs. Some of my favorite genres to play are Roleplaying, Survival Horror, Action, and Sandbox-style Games just to name few.

                                When I'm not playing games, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, watching movies (I worked in the film industry for a brief period of time, it was awesome) and going to the gym. Being active in general is another one of my passions.

                                I'm happy to be a part of the team and I will try my best to help serve you all!