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    Welcome to Growtopia, guys! we welcome you with open arms!

    sup homes
    Don't feel like playing as much anymore what do

    I have Vending Machines in BDCMARS... If I say I sell something, it'll probably be there.

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      Originally posted by Oldsock (IGN) View Post
      Strike that's a lot of introductions, welcome to Growtopia.

      I'm quite a Zelda nerd myself, also with an N64 and the games OOT and MM. If I might ask, which games haven't you yet completed 100%? Also yearly runs of those games on an N64!? Surely your controllers would be dead by now. Lastly, most Zelda fans find this question difficult to answer but what would you say would be your favourite game in the series?
      All good questions. The ones I haven't done 100% yet are Minish Cap, Link Between Worlds, Phantom Hourglass and BOTW. Since starting a yearly run of the N64 games, I've gone through 4 new controllers lol

      Right now I'm playing through Skyward Sword again, but if I had to pick an all time favorite... it has to be Majora's Mask.

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        Welcome to the Growtopia and the Forums
        Hope that you have a wonderful time and
        I dont get it why Jamhammer? Will they get there own item?
        Originally posted by Yasuo
        Originally posted by AlsoYasuo


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          Originally posted by Odric View Post
          Greetings Growtopians! I'm Odric, and I am your new Community Manager~ *bows*

          I come from a small town in Canada where I volunteered multiple times a week at the public library. I used this time to teach teens how to compete in gaming in a positive environment. On weekends, I would host session to learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons!

          I first picked up a controller in the early '90s when I got my NES, and I've had a huge passion for gaming ever since. When I was in my teens I played at a competitive level in Halo, Smash Bros, and Pokemon. I still like going to weeklies for Smash Bros to help teach newer players! My favorite game genres are RPGs and Roguelike.

          Boardgames and card games are another huge passion of mine. I play Magic every day, and I hope to some day open a board game cafe of my own!

          Back to the point! I tend to gush, hahaha. I look forward to meeting you all so we can work together to make Growtopia the best it can be!

          - Odric
          Welcome to Growtopia , hope you guys enjoys the community and also the game itself. All the best !


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            Welcome to the community!

            I hope you guys will understand and gain a deep understanding of our game culture, to empathise with the players, while enjoying yourself.
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              Welcome to the Growtopia Forums! I have high hopes that the future is going to be great in Growtopia with your contribution!


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                helow I see cs passionate people
                Keep an open mind


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                  Aw, you all are so awesome! Thank you for being a part of our community! Have a nice time here!

                  Welcome to Growtopia!

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                    Originally posted by Raqk
                    What kind of TV shows do you like to watch?
                    I watch mostly anything really, and will finish a series regardless of the direction it takes. It's a little difficult to list them all, but right now I'm going through Criminal Minds, Bones, Game of Thrones and The Black Donnellys. The reality is that I prefer TV shows over movies due to their longevity and continuously changing arcs. Thanks for asking
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                      Welcome to Growtopia everyone, I’m so glad that there are more helping hands around here! Also, fingers crossed for canadian servers to reduce the lag! yay more canadian friends

                      Originally posted by vvCephei View Post
                      I'm also very passionate about woodworking. I design and build my own furniture so let me know if you'd like to see photos of some of my work!
                      Wow, a woodworker. I would love to see some of your creations, can you please post some pictures?
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                        Welcome! Looking forwards to Growtopia with faster support responses and moderation! Have a nice time in this game!


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                          Having you in the company means a lot for us. We hope you’ll make the best use of your skills and knowledge and make sure something great is achieved!


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                            Originally posted by Daewud View Post
                            My hobbies normally include playing PC and mobile games, spending time with friends and binge watching TV shows. Most video games appeal to me, however my preference is geared towards the hack and slash genre with ARPG elements.
                            Any recommendations on ARPGs similar to Diablo then? And if so,where can I find them?

                            A NEET but has a stable job at a cafe

                            Would try to help whenever possible,except for trying to be social,of course.


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                              Which Canadian studio are you guys from?
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                                Originally posted by Jisam View Post
                                Which Canadian studio are you guys from?
                                Still waiting for the answer...
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                                I'm just an apprentice.