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  • Farewell?

    Hey guys, I think I'm well known, but perhaps not it won't matter. I'm mostly known for my recent BFG service. It wasn't the much profit really, I honestly didn't care about earning anything. The point is, I'm quitting. I was scammed 105 diamond locks. 105 diamond locks were important to me not because it was just a currency, it was everything I worked for since 2014. Now this isn't just an average farewell, I'm here to spread some awareness. I won't be telling you who scammed me or how either since that might cause unwanted drama. In my eyes, I think everybody should be treated equally. No matter what they did to me, it wasn't their fault. It was mine, my stupidity caused me to choose the wrong decisions. But I hope the "scammer" changes into a better person someday.

    Please read this.
    The things mods/admins tell you are mostly there to help you and protect you from the bad things they can happen. The rules they set are rules that will benefit you even if you don't realise it. I learned it the hard way. So please, use my mistake and benefit from it so you don't someday lose it all. Don't let greed get to you.

    Also, since I still have customers from my BFG service... if you really wanted to I can give you the room payment back FULL REFUND and I can break ALL farmables BY HAND. Though please just use the other BFG services, I no longer want to play.

    My birthday is this Friday, July 26. I might be giving away everything I have left.
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    who skamz u magplants

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      Sad to see players go, but such things happens. Good luck with your future endeavors.
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        (F) for the scammed magplant,

        Next time, never trust no one. Come back soon comadre!
        And no, I don't accept donations to those who wanted to quit.
        Good luck!


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          I'm sorry for your loss and I don't recommend you to giveaway your items, because you can come back someday, hopefully.

          Good luck with your future endeavours!

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            F, sad to see u go....
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              There's a solution to everything. You don't necessarily need to stop playing the game- There are tons of updates that bring us so much joy! wouldn't it be unnecessary to stop playing the game simply because someone scammed you (You seem like a great person and you must have a lot of friends who are trying to support you) so you can, however, stay for them?... You definitely can get those world locks back ( it won't be easy) but not impossible either. You learned something new that day whether it's: Don't trust anyone or 'when life knocks you down, just get back up and fight even harder', Now you have to choose the 'door' you'll enter, I can clearly see you're hesitant to leave the game... anyways I wish you the best! Good luck.
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                Well, we will all miss your BFG services, and most importantly, we will miss you too. While your gone, I'll be sure to remember you.

                Feel free to join us in the future, whenever your heart desires to do so.

                With that said, It's with a heavy heart, that I bid you farewell my mate! .
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                  I can see why people might think this is sad, but I think you should turn it the other way around. Sure, it sucks to be scammed, especially the things you've worked on for years, but its just a game after all. I dont play growtopia to earn alot of worldlocks and be rich. I just like to hang around with my friends and trying to help people that needs an extra hand. I've played growtopia for around 6 years now, and i have 160wls. I've never owner more than 5dls in all the 6 years i've played growtopia, because that's not the point of the game. The game is about enjoying the community and meeting new friends.

                  If you want to quit, you can do that, but just remember that growtopia is a game about having fun, not about spending hours, days, months (and in your case even years) trying to earn a few pixels in a game. The best thing in growtopia is the moments where youre having fun with your friends and other people, not where youre spending hours farming in a world by yourself.

                  I think im just gonna stop writing now, since I could be going on forever about this. Do whatever you want, but dont forget all the good and fun times you've had in growtopia, because someone stole your worldlocks.

                  Learn from your mistakes and move on.


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                    I understand that it's a social game but I only get online to do "community service".
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                      Farewell and good luck with your future endeavours Sad to see you go because of such a blackhat
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                        Damn... It always sucks to be backstabbed/scammed by someone. Anyways i wish you a good luck for your future.


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                          What exactly happened?

                          Also, don’t giveaway anything that you still have. You may rejoin again despite it not looking like you will. I got hacked and lost everything I owned, but now I play again, and i’m almost back to where I was!
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                            Thanks to ThisIsPlayer I think I'm back...
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                              Originally posted by GTkookie View Post
                              Thanks to ThisIsPlayer I think I'm back...
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