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    Originally posted by Axzyte View Post
    Lmao since when did it become great?
    Kinda went downhill when ubi bought it
    Originally posted by Jedaki;n6926758
    suddenly when a youtuber gets hacked/scammed, the logs magically appear


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      Originally posted by DynPlaysGT View Post
      You don't need to be a chef to know when a meal tastes bad. Similarly, you don't need to be a game developer to know when a game is good or bad. A game is meant to entertain, is it not? And if it doesn't entertain, then it does not fulfill its intended purposes and is therefore by all means considered a "bad" game, no? If OP isn't entertained, then to them it is a bad game. Conversely, if you are entertained, then to you it is a good game. Sure, a game developer may understand the intricacies of game design better than a non-developer and may therefore be able to create a more critical ****ysis as to why a game is good or bad, but at the end of the day OP's opinion is OP's opinion and they are free to stand by it.
      yes but OP doesnt have to straight up say YUH MAN GAME SUCKS~ SAYONARA'
      atleast give some constructive criticism
      hes the same guy who said i would never get wotd, look at me now, 5 days ago betch.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Originally posted by MatinAlt2 View Post
      your such a douche. enjoy sucking ubisoft?
      also nice mic drop lmao
      thank you, i love being a douche rather than a suck up minimod.

      never said i love ubisoft, just spitting FACTS yo.


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        k bud

        10 dismissals
        Originally posted by tson
        *** concentrated yeast hell no i didnt eat that ****
        Just finished transcribing this…deliberating on whether or not to adapt it into Growtopia.
        The answer is yes and at NOTE63.

        Contact Info:


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          GrowCord - Discord Bot
          The only growtopia discord bot that post DQs, tweets and more into your discord server.
          Discord: MrAugu#7917
          Full-stack developer.
          *Daily Quests, WOTD, Last Two Tweets, Daily News


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            Originally posted by Bozoe977 View Post
            Quitting this horrible excuse for a game. Ubisoft is really letting this game go and it
            Just sucks now. So I’m quitting, Goodbye awful ubisoft.
            Sorry to ask this who are you?
            (Sorry if I hurt you)
            I don't look at images...
            Because it's blurry under the water...

            Yes, after ubisoft bought growtopia; The game started to become worse and worse...

            Contest link above


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              Originally posted by Devours View Post
              okay 1st of all, no one asked,
              2nd, try making the game yourself and code some of the stuff, you don't get a say until you're qualified to even work there,

              at the end of the day, Ubi 2.5+ billion dollar company, you = dying at College loans

              -mic drop
              Ok devours, I knew you would reply to this thread because you’ve hated me for some time now. you hate everyone on this forum and I’d recommend you to leave, the only person here that likes you is megamilk. I don’t even know why you hate me so much, it just makes you seem immature. You’ve also hated me in game and also banned me from the only forumer meetup I’ve never attended, yah thanks.

              1. Who the hell “ask” for a goodbye thread? Saying that makes you seem like an idiot.
              2. When you were talking about coding, for someone that’s probably a high schooler, your grammar and English suck.
              3. This is a separate Ubisoft company, and Ubisoft has over 3 billion dollars...
              4. I’m appreciate that you think I’m in college, but no, I haven’t even passed middle school yet. Saying that makes you an even bigger dumbass than you already are.