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Welcome to our new Customer Support Specialists LunaPurl and Kodrex!

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  • Welcome to our new Customer Support Specialists LunaPurl and Kodrex!

    Hey Growtopians!

    As I had mentioned a while ago, we do have new Moderators in training and now I can proudly introduce you to our new Customer Support Specialists LunaPurl and Kodrex, who have joined the Canadian Team and have already been working on your Ticket Requests in the past weeks! Welcome to the Team!

    ~ Baskerville

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    LunaPurl- Support Specialist

    Hey there Growtopians! I'm LunaPurl, your new Support Specialist. I like campfires, climbing trees, and lying under the stars. I can often be found knitting/crocheting things to wear, journaling, and immersing myself in the illustrated worlds of comic books and graphic novels.

    Gaming is more fun when done with friends!

    Memories include playing my older brother's PlayStations and GameCube as a bored little kid, taking over his curtain-closed bedroom and satisfying my competitive side, and having my best friend teach me about WWE as we fought each other while consuming way too much sugar. I was also the kind of person who would joyfully spend entire afternoons creating alternative lives on The Sims. My favorite game now? Mario Kart, haha. It's a classic.


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      Kodrex - Support Specialist

      Hello! Kodrex here a new Support Specialist for Growtopians.

      I'm originally from England, and moved to Canada a few years ago.

      Big gamer, mostly single player RPGs or Mobas, played Dota on Warcraft 3 after that switching to league for 9 years.

      If I'm not gaming I'll probably be looking after my 3 month old daughter Sophia, she's adorable.

      Looking forward to getting into Growtopia learning the ins and outs and growing some sweet stuff.

      - Kodrex


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        Welcome to the Team!

        Hey LunaPurl & Kodrex!

        Welcome to the team! I'm so excited to be working with the both of you! The team dynamic in the office so awesome with you around and I know the community will welcome you with open arms!

        Say hi, everyone!

        ~ Odric
        Canadian Community Manager

        Dream big! The future is yours!!!

        Link to my official IG


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          Welcome to the team
          Rest In Peace, Marley
          My beloved kitty that went missing 21.8.2019, found dead 23.8.2019, I will never forget you.


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            Welcome! Great thing that we're getting more support specialists.
            IGN: 3Rite


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              Hello. I welcome you to team
              Meet me in the game!

              Username: Funyuns

              Instagram: Funyuns_GT


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                Welcome to the forums and Growtopia, It's great to have both of you as an addition to the team.


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                  Welcome, Kodrex and LunaPurl. Nice to meet you.
                  I experience 3D Modeling and 2D Drawings.

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                    Welcome! We're super excited to have you all here :]
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                    Keep it Clanky!


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                      Welcome on board LunaPurl & Kodrex!

                      I wish you enjoy being a part of this game, like we do! You will meet different kinds of people, in good and bad, with all kinds of problems. So i wish you strength for this work also. I hope you will also have understanding towards players, because everything isn’t always black or white (not meaning illegal activities). This game is very important for many players.

                      Welcome once again!

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                        Hello, and welcome to the team.


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                          Welcome to Growtopia


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                            Hi LunaPuri and Kodrex! Great to have you both as a part of this wonderful game. Best of luck!
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                              Hello LunaPuri and Kodrex, Welcome to Growtopia! Glad to have you both part of the Growtopian team, wishing you the best of luck!
                              ''If you don't share someone's pain, you can never understand them''