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  • Scheduled Leaving of GT

    When I first began playing GT on July 10, 2019, I discovered many great features, such as events, items, and so much more! I became addicted to this game weeks later, and I made many friends.

    With my friends' help, I was able to get diamond locks in a moderate amount of time. When I got those shiny locks, I was in a fulfillment, never done before.

    However, during the gameplay, I discovered many drawbacks—Toxicity, Dramas, Sexual and even NSFW, existed in this game. Though our moderators cared about that, these obnoxious aspects grew faster that the moderators' capability.

    Now, getting rich in the game is only becoming more difficult, due to potentially effective profit methods being used as YouTube contents as many Money-hungry YouTubers, "α to β" series and inflation of the GT economy. They served as catalysts of inflation (i.e. Reducing the efficiency of profiting). As a result, the rich get richer which new players and poor players (like me) have almost no chance of getting rich (despite of monotonous farming).

    It's difficult to say, but I am going to quit GT on my 1st anniversary of my account creation, that is, I'm quiting GT on Jul 10, 2020.

    From now on, seriously, I will only log in GT just for Subscription Bonuses until Jul 10, 2020. After Jul 2020, I would uninstall GT and never download it again.

    Lastly, big thanks to my friends who played with me. It was so much fun! Wish you guys good luck in the future!

    Signing off,
    Jun 7, 2020
    IGN: BtsofHermes
    IG: @btsofhermes (Banned) @btsofhermes.alt
    Discord: @BtsofHermes#5606
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    Oh man, its been a while when I last saw you in Growtopia and now you are leaving the game... Welp, it may be good for you and I wanna say that be safe and take care of yourself. Cya pal!

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      goodbye, although we're not close even yet friends, losing you somehow still hurts.



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        I may not know you, but having a fellow Growtopian leave is still something.
        It was great to have you and hope that you enjoyed your time here while it lasted.
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          Goodbye! : - )

          I haven't known you, but I hope you'll have fun outside Growtopia and Growtopia Forums. Good luck to whatever you're trying to accomplish.


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            welp cyaa

            Oh Growtopia and Splatoon 2 makes spliceable?!

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              Farewell, BootsOfHermes

              RISK - A Love Story | The Ruined (Growtopia Film)

              "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
              - Eleanor Roosevelt


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                bye hermes see u in the afterlife
                Originally posted by Yasuo
                Originally posted by AlsoYasuo


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                  Today is the date which I have 1 month left before I quit.

                  Very sad. Thanks for your warm-hearted messages!
                  IGN: BtsofHermes
                  IG: @btsofhermes (Banned) @btsofhermes.alt
                  Discord: @BtsofHermes#5606
                  F. Eyes: 118/100 (DONE)
                  Level 49

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                    well see a m8, have a great time in irl