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Bye guys.

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  • Bye guys.

    So, johnxv stole all my farming materials. He said I griefed his world and stole 3 m piƱatas and 25 wls. ***! Seriously, I would never scam and you guys know that. So... johnxv ignored me and yeah... So... I'm pretty mad... 80% chance I might quit. But I might come back. So... yeah! Farewell to you guys and hope you guys have fun...

    PS: I'm not quitting because he stole my stuff, I'm quitting because there are a lot of bad Growtopians... Btw, I got scammed 400+ wls in all my playing time...
    Derpy as derp can be...

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    Ooh sorry about that!! There are tons of scammers in Growtopia you need to watch out for. Be careful who you trust also, one person can cause a lot of damage.