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  • Fishing Pack

    Here is what you need to know about the fishing pack because most people don't have it or want to know more about it.
    Fishing pack-10,000 gems in store

    Comes with:
    -5 Worms
    -1 Tackle box
    - 10 Fishtanks
    - 1 Fishing Rod
    - 1 Fishing Port

    Things you can catch:
    - Goldfish
    - Catfish
    - Dogfish
    - Bass
    - Sunfish
    - Perch ( block )
    - Seaweed
    - Fishnet Stockings
    - Gar
    - Whale
    - Shark ( block )
    - Eel ( block )
    - Mahi Mahi
    - Battle Trout ( yes you can get this )

    - Worms
    - Salmon Eggs
    - Shiny Flashy Thing
    - Fishing Fly
    - Shrimp Lure
    - Wizhmo Gizhmo ( rarest )

    [You can get some baits with other baits]

    *(To Get Worms You Can Just Break Dirt! There is a small chance).

    How to Fish:
    Most people don't know how to fish so this is how...
    - First stand still next to the water.
    - Then tap on the bait you want to use onto the water. Make sure that you can't get punched, and don't move. Some people can trick you into wasting your bait by swimming in the water, trying to place water, standing behind you or in you to take your fish.

    (Be careful because if you have the same fish you just caught then it will say item maxed and drop onto the ground so someone could take it)

    - After you throw out your line wait till there is a splash in the water, when that happens tap quickly on the water where your bait is in the water with your fist and if you don't tap fast enough then you will get fishnet stockings, seaweed, or nothing.

    The Tackle box is Perma! So don't worry if you break it, it will come back! Hope you have fun!