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    Halloween ends in less than 10 mins! Bye Mighty Evil Growganoth See you next year! What do you think about the end of Halloween? What items did you earn this Halloween?!

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    but.. it's not over...
    Hamsters of rtsoft
    Originally posted by xZachCottonx
    I had a hamster with a ball one time and I put it in my sink and watched it drown while it was trapped in the ball
    Originally posted by Kitty Machine
    My friend had a hamster ball once. It rolled down into the basement, and froze to death.
    Originally posted by Applez
    my hamster died of cancer


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      Originally posted by Hdog101 View Post
      but.. it's not over...
      it is xD Now Ill be waiting for winterfest


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        I got Death Scarf, Skeletal Dragon, and Riding Demon Dog. Those were my main items. Then I farmed Growganoth for hours and gained enough items to rebuild my farm world UNREALFARMER into the ultimate Halloween themed farm. I still need Creepstone platforms...tons if anyone cares to donate them. Just visit my farm and drop them in the display box :-)