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They did small rollback?

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    Wasn't even playing. Ez.
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      How inconvenient...

      I planted around 1k pinball trees yesterday (don't have chicken plow thing) which took me around 30 min.
      Now they r not planted :/ (didn't lose them, still in my magplant)
      guess i have to replant them...
      I feel like there should be some compensation for everybody (double gem event for example). I know other people were negatively affected too; everybody who used time during the rollback lost their progress.
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        Originally posted by M1tch View Post
        Hello everyone,

        Regarding yesterday’s incident, we would like to inform you that we will not respond to the new tickets sent towards this. Indeed, we will finish treating the requests received on time, but due to an increasing amount of false reports, we will not investigate the cases sent more than 12 hours after the incident.

        Additionally, and as warned we’ve started banning temporarily accounts making false reports. Keep in mind that this ban will keep you away from receiving any rewards in-game such as WOTD/VOTW winner prizes and more.

        Last thing, every time you fill in a ticket with a false report, you delay a fellow Growtopian from getting his real problem fixed, please think about the others.

        -The Growtopia Team
        You still didn't answer my question. And that is why people make new threads, M1tch.

        Originally posted by your0ruler View Post
        Can you please clarify who are likely to be affected? I have too many items and I was trading all of them off. Could I have been affected? I was trading until the servers started initializing.

        Any time period you can mention along with that? More importantly what kind of activities might have been affected?

        Was there a rollback at all or just a hiccup of some items?
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        Originally posted by your0ruler

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          Originally posted by Joni2 View Post
          Thanks to support for extra fast response! Under 10 minutes after I emailed, I got my stethoscope back and email.
          Lucky. I waited 3 days for support to reply "you have AAP enabled, no one could access your account" after mailing them about that I got hacked. I enabled AAP after the incident. Now I will have to wait even more...


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            Originally posted by Sarp Türker View Post
            My friend and everyone keep sb's Some sbs:"i broke my f tank and now they are there also i lost my gem" "i lost my wl was traded before server down" Idk if real or no but everyone keep sbs an fc. Other can check anythink lost or happnd?
            Talk coherently.