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i think New quest is too hard

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  • i think New quest is too hard

    i was trying to take new quest from ring master then i got this quest :
    Deliever 60 fotune cookies
    banish 1 boss goo
    make dinosaurs

    if we can get a diferrent ring from the quest its ok but how if we get a same ring?
    even u can make a deal with ring master with 10 same type ring but cmon man isnt easy

    its only my opinion
    sorry for bad english u can ask me if u dont understand
    Feel free to discussions

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  • #2
    I will be one of your fossils when I reach 10 same rings.

    Get it? Ha ha... ha.. ha...

    (To UBISOFT: 3 or 5 is enough dude. Now I'm 15 years old and 60 is when I will get 10 same rings)

    (Who would be so salty about 10 same rings, they already feel the salt since the first duplicate)
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